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Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen

With the start of the Witch Queen we are now at season 16 "Season of the Risen". The Witch Queen is the god of the Hive species, her name is Savathun. Our duty as guardians is to find out how she stole the light from the traveler and get it back.

There are some big changes from Beyond Light. We can now craft weapons and choose specific traits for them. The Void 3.0 subclass is similar to stasis being more customizable. This chapter seems to be more focused on void with a new void weapon, the Glaive.

They brought back the War Table with a 3-man fireteam activity called Psiops Battlegrounds. If you like first person shooters, this is fun stuff !

How are you liking the Witch Queen? I think it's very good.

If you're new to Destiny 2 .....

Destiny 2 is a game based on your power level, the higher you can get your power level the stronger you become in the game. You deal more damage as well as have better resistance from enemy attacks, meaning you're harder to kill. This mainly counts in PvE as they try to keep it more even on the PvP side of things.

So for this season...

Soft power level cap is 1520 - Any activity will get you to this level.

Powerful power level cap is 1570 - Any Tier activities and pinnacle activities will get you to this level.

Pinnacle power level cap is 1580 - Only pinnacle activities will get you to this level and is the highest you can get with your gear.

Master Lost Sectors have a recommended power level of 1600, so what they expect you to do is hit the pinnacle cap of 1580 and get a +20 power bonus for a total of 1600. And even then, matching the power level is no cake walk.

When the season starts, earning power bonuses isn't that bad as you only need a few hundred thousand XP points to get a +1 power bonus. But, it adds 110,000 XP points each time to earning the next power bonus, so it takes a little longer each time. Before you know it, you're needing a couple million XP points for that next power bonus. Power bonuses are infinite and you can earn as many as you want in a season, it just depends how much you're willing to grind for them.

I hit the pinnacle cap of 1580 and at the moment have a +38 bonus for a power level of 1618, what's your power level this season?


Ok so you've hit the pinnacle cap of 1580 and want to earn XP points fast for power bonuses.

Here are a few things I do that earns XP points faster.

1) Master work your ghost to 10 and slot in the Blinding Light perk, this gives you a 12% XP boost. This uses 6 points of the 10, I slot in the Treasure Hunter perk for the other 4 to show chests nearby.

2) On certain planets chests are worth more, you can earn up to 442 XP points for opening a chest. Somewhere near the chest will be one planet material, these are worth up to 369 XP points, look for one nearby for each chest you open.

3) Weekly Seasonal Challenges - These are challenges Bungie gives you for the week, these are worth the most XP points, some award Bright Dust and two will award Repute for upgrading the Star Chart. The XP rewards are shown as XP+, XP ++, XP+++, with three pluses being the highest reward.

4) Bounties - I do these to steadily earn XP points. Weekly bounties are worth the most, then daily bounties, then repeatable bounties you can do continuously. You can hold up to five repeatable bounties at a time from each planet vendor. Lost Sectors are a great place to do bounties as you're not fighting other players for kills.

5) Playing with a friend in a fireteam will award you an additional 2% and up to an 8% XP points boost, you can each go to a different Lost Sector.

6) At the start of each weekly reset you'll earn 2x Xp points for your next five season levels. You earn a reward each level up to season level 100, after that you earn an Eververse engram for every five season levels which most of the time is a ghost, sparrow or ship you already have, or on rare occasions you'll get an emote or a small, medium, large gift of Bright Dust. You need 100,000 XP points to advance to the next level.

With this week's weekly reset Eva Levante is at the tower with a new event based around Halloween called Haunted Sectors. Eva has bounties for this event, you can earn XP points, Candy and Bright Dust.

You can earn triumph points and event rewards from doing Haunted Sectors.

How it works.....

Do any activities to earn Spectral Pages, then do Haunted Sectors killing Headless Ones to turn Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. You then go to the tower to the "Book of the Forgotten" to unlock chapters, Headless Ones are bosses with the pumpkin heads.

This event is pretty cool, I'm liking it.

Don't forget to grab your Festival of the Lost mask from Eva to collect candy and complete triumphs and challenges.

There is a Seal that unlocks a title "Ghost Writer" for your Character. You must do 16 triumphs and can gild the title by doing additional challenges.

There are 7 days left for the event.

Have you got it yet? Show me your Gilded Ghost Writer title.


With today's reset we are in the final week of Season of Plunder.


I've had my fill of Ketchcrash and Expedition, I'm looking forward to some new events. I hope they saved the best season for last, maybe we will get an introduction to the new subclass "The Strand", get to try out the grappling hook and see the new enemy. The city of Neomuna on the new planet Neptune looks like it's going to be good. Destiny 2 is getting better with each season and I'm looking forward to Lightfall.

Keeping on a steady bounty grind I was able to hit season level 1436, my previous highest was 1325.


We are nearing the end of the 5th week of the final season of the Witch Queen, Season of the Seraph (Season 19). Did they save the best for last?

Sort of....

Now, I don't know about other Destiny 2 players but when I saw the Warmind nodes, I wasn't too thrilled. I remember the Sleeper nodes from the Warmind expansion and this looks very similar. What you do is combine resonant stems with the resonant amp, it generates a code that gives you clues where to find the Warmind nodes. The thing is, the codes it generates are random and it is painstakingly long to get that last one. This is what turns me off the most about doing them, so I'm skipping them this time around.

As with Halloween, Bungie also does an event around Christmas and the New Year's Holiday called "The Dawning". What you get are basically two things, Snowballs which are powerful weapons and Eva Lavante's oven to bake cookies in.

Baking cookies may not sound all that fun but, they are Eva's repeatable bounties and are worth XP points and 10 bright dust each. Each cookie requires specific ingredients to make but, all cookies require "Essence of Dawning" . At first, it will cost 15 Essence of Dawning to bake each cookie, bake all the cookie types and Masterwork the oven to reduce the cost of Essence of Dawning to 10 to make each cookie.

You earn Essence of Dawning by completing activities such as strikes, nightfalls, crucible and gambit matches, legend lost sectors, public events, patrols, etc.

Uncommon ingredients:

Vex Milk - Gained by defeating Vex
Ether Cane - Gained by defeating Fallen
Cabal Oil - Gained by defeating Cabal
Chitin Powder - Gained by defeating Hive
Taken Butter - Gained by defeating Taken
Dark Ether Cane - Gained by defeating Scorn

Rare ingredients:

Delicious Explosion - Gained by defeating opponents with Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, and Grenade abilities
Sharp Flavor - Gained by defeating opponents with Swords
Impossible Heat - Gained by defeating opponents with Solar damage
Electric Flavor - Gained by defeating opponents with Arc damage
Null Taste - Gained by defeating opponents with Void damage
Flash of Inspiration - Gained by generating Orbs of Power
Personal Touch - Gained by defeating opponents with Melee abilities
Perfect Taste - Gained by defeating opponents with Precision damage
Bullet Spray - Gained by defeating opponents with Auto Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Heavy Machine Guns
Finishing Touch - Gained by defeating opponents with Finishers
Balanced Flavors - Gained by defeating opponents with Bows, Scout Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Sniper Rifles
Multifaceted Flavors - Gained by rapidly defeating targets
Superb Texture - Gained by defeating targets with Super abilities
Dark Frosting - Gained by defeating opponents with Stasis damage

Each cookie you bake is for a specific planet vendor and tells you who to deliver it to. With an upgrade from Eva, when you deliver a cookie, you have a chance to get a "Gift in Return" which can be used to focus Dawning weapons or claim for XP points and a random reward.

I really like The Dawning event, now that the holidays are over it ends tomorrow with the weekly reset.

Here is the Perdition lost sector on planet Europa with Snowballs and baking/delivering cookies. Snowballs can be upgraded through Eva for longer lasting effects.

What's new with Season of the Seraph?

While I don't care for the Warmind Nodes, there are other good things happening.

You get a quest called "More Than a Weapon", when you complete step 23 you'll receive the exotic pulse rifle "Revision Zero". This exotic pulse rifle is the first weapon to get four catalysts. The first catalyst you'll earn is called "Frenzy Refit", this catalyst is the Feeding Frenzy perk that increases reload speed upon rapid final blows, meaning multiple kills with one clip and stacks up to 5x. How you earn it is by completing the new exotic quest "Should You Choose To Accept It Part 1" , step 6 is completing the exotic mission "Operation: Seraph's Shield" on Legend difficulty.

For this mission, your power level is capped at 1580 so power bonuses don't count here, this makes enemies tougher to kill. It's a bit puzzely with the Operator, Scanner and Suppressor buffs. If you've done the Deep Stone Crypt raid, then you're already familiar with these buffs.

I like a good challenge and was able to complete it solo, this is one of the best missions yet in my opinion and took a while to complete. If you die during the final boss fight, his health goes back to full.

The new public event is Heist: Battlegrounds, this is a 3-player activity with (at the moment) three random missions.

One of the seasonal challenges is, in these missions, kill five deathtounge choristers before they begin the battlesong. The deathtounge chorister is a powerful hive acolyte, if all three players focus on him, it's no trouble taking him down before he sings (1:10 in the video). There is one deathtounge chorister in each mission.

It's nice to see randomly selected missions, this helps break up the grind.

If you've been keeping up with the "More than a Weapon" quest and have completed it, you should have all four catalysts for the Revision Zero pulse rifle. Have you been enjoying the Operation Seraph's Shield mission on Legend difficulty?

How the catalysts work...

You shape the Revision Zero at the enclave on mars, at the final step of shaping, you get to choose one of the four catalysts. Having a choice helps lean it to your style of play.

If you're like me and been wondering for the past weeks what those big yellow globes are scattered throughout the system, they are security drones. To unlock the secret quest "A Guardians Best Friend" , you have to find all 50 and shoot them with the Revision Zero.

Pic - 97012

Once you shoot all 50, you start the quest in the Operation Seraph's Shield mission. The reward is a triumph and a computerized pet dog you can display at the H.E.L.M.

Pic -

Destiny 2 servers are offline for 24 hours. With the weekly reset in about 4 hours, we will get to play the new DLC "Lightfall".

I'll have to agree that the Witch Queen was the best DLC so far with the final season, Season of the Seraph being the best season. If the trend continues and it looks like it will with all the new additions, Lightfall should be the best DLC yet.

Are you ready?