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Debate of the best MOBA game, is it LoL, DOTA 2, or something else? [Battle #3]

Level 12
We'll be postponing the winners announcement to Dec 30th, the winners for Battle #3 will be posted up on ROG Website


The third battle is a new type of battle; it’s a “debate.” Share with us your thoughts on which game title you feel is the true champion of MOBA games. The obvious choices are LoL (League of Legends) and DOTA 2, but is there something else that belongs in this discussion?

This battle begins on December 8th 2016 at 8:00pm (UTC+8) and ends on December 22nd 2016 at 8:00pm (UTC+8).

Don’t just share your choice, tell us why and prove it with your passion for the game! Only one submission for this topic but you may discuss and debate with others to earn additional entries for the grand prize draw.

See prizes and complete rules below:

Biweekly battle topic prizes
1st Prize – ROG Goodies Box (filled with a ton of exclusive ROG swag)
2nd Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
3rd Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
4th Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)

Grand Prizes (draw will take place between January 5th 2017 – Janurary 11th 2017)


  • Provide your answer on which game title you think is the best MOBA game and provide your reasoning and facts to back it up. Only entries that meet these criteria will be considered a valid entry.
  • Limit one entry per person for the biweekly prize draw but no limit for additional entries for the grand prize draw
  • Additional qualified replies/comments will earn you additional entries for the grand prize draw. All additional qualified replies/comments on this thread or the other 3 battle topic threads will be accepted as additional entries up until January 4th 2017
  • Qualified replies/comments must have substance and not 1-2 word replies and are helpful in carrying forward the discussion. The eligibility of each reply/comment will be determined by our ROG forum admins.
  • Winners will be announced on the ROG website 4 days after the conclusion of the battle (December 30th 2016).

For complete rules for this campaign, please visit the official campaign thread:
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Best moba ,I feel, is lol. I may be a bit biased as all of my friends play it, but its a game where I can just go in and relax and play a chill game.

The graphics i feel look better than Dota 2, but the community is saltier than the dead sea.

I'm not a MOBA player so I legitimately have no clue. I'm aware of how huge LoL and DOTA are, they seem to have consistently massive audiences on Twitch, but it's all too slow for me.

LOL or dota 2 you can't go wrong with either but I vote for Dota 🙂

For me the best MOBA is whatever I'm in the mood for. I don't have 1 that I consider to be above the rest, I love them all! I used to have just one game that I preferred but I burnt out and now I find that the more games I enjoy playing the more I enjoy playing games. I'm too old to get caught up in just one game, I prefer to sample them all. Every game has something slightly different to offer, why not take the the scenic route and enjoy everything?

i voted for dota

I voted 'other' becoz I think Smite is the best MOBA out there. It has the best content and each champion (god) is well made 🙂
Environment -- ✔
Overall Graphics -- ✔
Content -- ✔
Requires teamwork & pro-skill -- ✔ 😄

I genuinely find Heroes Of The Storm much easier to get into as someone that doesn't play MOBAs a lot. But also is my pick for the variety of gameplay. Each newer character seems to do a lot to mix up the play style.

The mostly important part of any entertainment is the message: Is what make your life worthy, what make meaning to life. Maybe that meaning is in the silence or in the noise, but what matters is what make you play, then, Dota, League of Legends, any game, any moba can be better for your meaning.That two bigger games (Dota and LOL) make a lot of meanings for many people, changed the world, but what do you think about the ''best MOBA'' or best something else? That meaning is only inside you.

Not applicable
HoN, simply the best, better than all the rest.
Jk, well imo i find all the moba games are dying and get boring real fast. LoL is only popular because of money, has the worst graphics, very choppy gameplay and bad ui, and you gotta farm a million years to even play all the champions. Dota 2 is ok moba, an upgrade in terms of gameplay from LoL, but it gets boring fast, and there is more money to be earned in LoL. HoN on the other hand has the most fluid gameplay out of these games with the best ui, overall i find it the most fun to play as a game and better than the other games in every single aspect, but it has no big competitions or $$ involved so in the end there isnt really any point to play the game. Also the community in HoN is pretty bad.
Just my 2 cents

I have over 3k hours in LoL and in my opinion this game is more skill based, you have to be really fast and good at fight. In Dota 2 it is like more stategy, it doesnt depend on player skills like it is in LoL in my opinion. After playing like 50 hours in Dota 2 I just can't play more, the camera, mechanics, the UI, I just donìt find it confortable for me. And I also think that LoL has more player because its mechanics are easier to learn. Just my opinion guys. :):)