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Crashes and bsod impossible to use.

Level 7
Right driving me up the wall now.
Anyone has any idea what it could be.
Asus rog crosshair viii hero wifi x570.
Ryzen 3800x
16g Team group T Force 8 pack ram cas14 3600mhz ram
Corsair Ax860 platinum psu.
RTX 3080.
Started few weeks ago random crash in Apex legends. Then had my first blue Screen.Then wouldn't boot just kept restarting with an F3 error, finally got back in checked event viewer which said kernal 41 errors.
I've got the latest bios on mobo
Did an 8 hour memtest which passed. Used seagate tools to check hds which were fine.
Used furmark on My 3080.
Only for 12 minutes but was fine and about the same for Cpu.
Reseated Gpu, took out ram and cleaned contacts, cleaned and repasted Cpu.
Reinstalled windows.
Still the same random blue screens
Sometimes locks up and restarts in few minute other times played Apex for an hour.
Had blue screens with Whea uncontrollable too. Then won't boot till I switch it off for a few mintes
Only thing on the PC that is really old is the Psu. Driving me nuts now 😒.
Leaning towards Psu or mobo but mobo is under 2 years old. Don't want to buy something and it turns out to not be that lol 🙃. Any help would be appreciated as I have a season pass to complete lol 😅

Level 9
Overclocking anything? What cooling are you using? If only crashing during games, Id start@ Game/Video driver issue... Id have to say if did an 8hr test its not a hardware issue... New Bios just released yesterday for this and other crossshair x570 boards.

Level 14
I'd try running for a day or two on just "load optimised defaults" in the BIOS, and the absolute minimum of BIOS config, not even XMP. See if it's stable like that, and you then know if it's an overclocking type issue. If that gives stability, introduce your desired config slowly. Probably start with XMP, run for a couple of days, then basic PBO, another couple of days, and so on.

It could be something like game & Nvidia bugs, but the above is how I'd approach it from the overclocking/tuning side of things.

Hello Acidburn

I agree with Murph_9000

Try running with default settings to rule out any instability.