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Counter-Strike Frames

Level 7
I just upgraded to an Asus ROG GL502VT from an old desktop (Core i7 2.8GHz, 6GB, GTX 750 Ti) and I'm getting around 90-140 frames on CS:GO (90-140 on Mirage, 140-200 on Cobblestone). Does this sound right? My old desktop got a steady 124-125 fps on every map. I have most the video settings on automatic, mostly stuff like textures and models at high, MultiCore Rendering enabled, Multi-AA off, TFM at 4x, and the rest (FXAA -> Motion Blur) disabled. I feel like since this new Asus is so much of an improvement spec-wise I should get more of an improvement in-game.

Level 8
Have you turned v sync and typed in fps_max 999 in console? Keep in mind, the CS game engine is more cpu than intensive than card intensive. Let me know if this helps. Also make sure in power settings, you have it on high performance.