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Console gamer, New to PC gaming, need help...

Level 7
I currently own this:

It's a G74SX-BBK11

I haven't done any kind of updates to this system since I took it out of its box way back in May. I was told by a friend to update my drivers.

Looked into drivers, which ones are the most necessary? How many are there? :confused:
I play Skyrim and Diablo III and notice heavy lag and choppyness even though I have a 12m connection.

This might all be simple to some but I'm kinda new to all this, I've never really done PC gaming before I got this laptop.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :D.

Level 15
Welcome to the Republic of Gamers forums, ShogunSalazar.

I was looking at the Driver page for your particular laptop and there doesn't seem to be any updated drivers. But do see if you're running the most updated NVIDIA driver since that is the most important one that will affect your gaming directly. It's as easy as right clicking the NVIDIA icon that is located on your Notification Area and clicking look for updates. It'll automatically look for updated drivers. Personally I prefer to use stable drivers and avoid anything that has the word Beta in it.

As for improved gaming experience, shutdown any unnecessary background applications. Make sure your laptop is always plugged into the wall outlet. Don't game on battery. Power Options set to Maximum Performance. Use the Windows Classic theme instead of Aero. And if all that fails, sometimes you just got to lower some of the eye candy. lol