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BF3 flickering on certain terrain GTX 570 SLI

Level 9
I have dual GTX 570's SLI enabled and notice some flickering on distant objects or terrain. For example some trees out in the distance and some spots of terrain will flicker. All graphics settings in game are maxed out and also all maxed out settings in the Nvidia control panel. The game runs 100% smooth otherwise with no other graphical errors that I notice. Just some flickering on certain things, I've tryed verticle sync enabled in the game settings and Nvidia control panel is set to let the game decide for verticle sync. I think turning v sync off worsens the flickering if I am remembering correctly. I'm willing to try any combo of settings I just don't know what else to try. I think the only other setting related to v sync is triple buffering which I believe is enabled. Any help would be great, thanks.

Level 14
what nvidia drivers??

Level 14
read the other tread you have.....