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BF1 wont run

Level 7
Has anyone experienced any problems running BF1? I've tried running it on my new gaming laptop w. 960M 2GB, when it goes to load the whole application just crashes. I was able to run it on my desktop w.o. issue until a recent update, could the update be forcing it to crash?

this is the model laptop that I grabbed:


It can play other games w.o. problems.

Level 7
Open Geforce Experience, Select BF1 and change it from Fullscreen to Windowed Fullscreen.

or even faster press ALT+RETURN as soon as the game attempts to launch, this will take it into windowed mode.

It may or may not work.

I believe it will be something silly, you could try Right clicking BF1 in Origin and clicking Repair.

Hi. I started BF1 recently too and found a couple of issues which may or may not help.
The first issue was with MSI AfterBurner. If you want to keep your overclock during the game you have to turn off OSD in the afterburner app for all settings you usually display. And then also turn off Riva Tuner Statistic Server. Or you have to download the latest version of Riva Statistics Server separately from afterburner. v6.5.1.8791 is the latest and will run fine with BF1.
Next is Sonic Suite. You need to right click it and exit it from the task menu. Although this does not happen on another system I own with a regular maxiumus hero board.
I haven't tried any other software but I would hazard to guess that any OSD software could have this affect.

Level 14
do NOT instal nvidia experience unless you are using shadowplay.
ALWAYS instal it manualy, NEVER auto.
the past few update sthere have been problems whit the drivers.