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Need opinions on head sets

I'm picking up a temporary headset until I can afford better. I can only pick between 2 because I have a credit at my school book store for a couple hundred from a returned book. My options are the Logitech H390 and Skullcandy Lowrider. How do the...

DDustin by Level 7
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PC Multiplayer Gaming

Hello ROGers, I don't know if this topic was discussed before or not but I would like your opinions on PC multiplayer gaming. It seems just about every multiplayer game I play I come across a hacker/cheater at some point. I have about 30 pc games and...

Nate152 by Moderator
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NFS Rivals Competition/Online Friends

Hey Guysi am looking to create a group for those inerested in having a real challenge on NFS Rivalsif you have played this game you will know NFS Network is perfect for competing against one anothermy orogin name is boogman251I look forward to racing...

boogman by Level 7
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Dissecting Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Graphically

Do you remember that special feeling of waking up on Christmas day to unwrap the goodies that Santa dropped off? Millions of gamers around the globe were probably having that familiar feeling while downloading their 24.4GB copy of Battlefield 4 on Or...

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Chino by Level 15
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By the power of grey skull

New ROG gaming monitor Asus ROG Swift PG278Q !!!!!I WANT IT !I WANT IT !I WANT IT !I WANT IT !I WANT IT !

Rubberbanding Problem after custom built new PC

Hi, OC/BIOS/Software/Hardware newbie user here,Well, I just built a custom PC with a spec of:Specs:Processor: Intel Core i7-4930K @ 3.40GHzMotherboard: Rampage IV Black EditionGPU: Asus GTX 780ti DirectCU II OCPSU: Silverstone Strider Gold 850 WattMe...

Marz03 by Level 7
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need a help

Hello, i'm from Brasil and im here in US till march. I want to buy a gaming laptop but i don't know what laptop. I'm thinking about spend 1.4k/ 1.5k with it. The best laptop/ price i found till now is this one

Final Fantasy 14 Settings

Hi I want to know the best settings to get 50-60 frames FF14. I have the Asus g750 jw.

any diablo 3 players around

title says it all, i play in the america's serverbattle id : dan#12913i'm kinda new so im looking for parties and friends