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update on gaming machine

hi chaps thought i,d update on the new cpu and graphics and cooling. well running he 8350 at 4.4 ghz, runs sweet. new cooler and fans are keeping the temps to 36 degree,s when gaming. replaced all case fans,as you can see, new rock 4 pro cpu cooler ...

kevvy by Level 7
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eyefinity stretches desktop?!?

so the only use for eyefinity is stretched desktop? i thought the whole idêa behind "grouped displays" was that you could actually read on the 2 separate displays then game in the middle and if you so should choose to you could change the resolution ...

m0nk3n by Level 7
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560m 3gb > 980m 4gb

Hi! I'm noticing @asus responses here in this forum, and haven't seen much in the notebooks forum. Livechat with Asus and NVidia recommended returning my G751JY for another, however the same problem exists with the exchanged one. I've followed a lot ...

G75VX - FPS on game Shadow Of Mordor

Hey Guys,I was just wondering how many FPS I will be able to get on my ASUS G75VX.What do you think about it ? Is there any topic or website where I can check this information ? Does anyone have a tip on that ?Thanks in advance.V:eek:

Femorsp by Level 7
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BAttlefield 4 + Asus Rog Swift + Asus strix GTX980

Hello everyone !!!Recently offered myself a Asus Rog Swift, amazing monitor but only 1 Asus Strix GTX980 can´t offer me +-100 stable fps on this display playing battlefied 4 on ultra, i was wondering if all i need now is get other Strix 980 and i´m g...

Tech use disorders project needs participants

if you are an 18 years old (or older) undergraduate student, we invite you to participate in a large scale European will first be involved in a pilot study based on an online survey:

Moanah by Level 7
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Join My Team! Extra Life, Heal The Kids.

Hello... has anyone heard of the yearly charity event benefiting the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals called Extra Life? If you haven't... it is a fundraiser that helps families pay for medical bills. The event takes place each year during a 24 h...

MAXXHEW by Level 7
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Black Screen issues when launching games both in steam and D3.

I recently upgraded my main drive to a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD. I reformatted my old SSHD 1TB and made that my game drive. So Installed the new SSD, installed win7 pro, all the necessary drivers and standard apps etc. I then installed steam, uPlay ...

FPS Drops on ASUS ROG G750JS-T4141H

When I play any game on my computer, I get 60 FPS all the time, but when for example I get a kill, it drops down to 9fps and jumps up to 60fps again. I have updated all drivers. I experience frame drops mostly when I play online games but also with o...

How Can I Boost My 10 FPS on a GL551J w/ Nvidia GTX860M?

I'm new to pc gaming,thus buying a game ready laptop instead of building a rig,I've only played Titanfall and CSGO,and seemed ok but wasnt peak performance compared to my PS4. I started playing an Alpha build of the upcoming H-Hour Worlds Elite and r...