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Suddenly all games are running at slower fps

Suddenly all of my games are running at a much lower fps. Wolfenstain ran around 40-60fps now it runs at 10-30fps.I have a asus G551J.Thanks for you're help(sorry about my english)

maxiy by Level 7
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All games stuttering and crashing after windows 10 upgrade!

First of all, English is not my native language, so please forgive me if I write something stupid.As the title says - literally all games I have on my computer are stuttering and even crashing since last windows 10 upgrade and NVIDIA drivers update.I...

DuleTnT by Level 7
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GTA V Can the install be any slower?

Yeah Im behind the times. Just bought GTA V on disk. Im 3 hours in and just put in disk 7! Ive installed large games before and its never taken this long! Like they did it on purpose to build the anticipation!

Is this the best looking game ever?!

Regarding The Witcher 3...Everyone talks about the downgrades. In my opinion, this game still looks totally amazing.Do you think this is the best looking rpg out there?Take a look for yourself and decide.

G20AJ : What the ****

Dear Gamers:I need some help, definetely some help !I have just received my new pc: G20AJ (Geforte GTX 760 2GB / I7-4790 / bios viersion: 0703)I have several problems:- Cpu fans are too LOUD. I can believe this problem can happen with this kind of p...

Power Management Tool

Hi co-Asus ROG owners,can i have your suggestion about my query.I have asus rog g501, and i want to have a power management tool that will stop the charging when my laptop's battery percentage goes into 50 or asus have this kind of software? o...

Unreal Tournament reddish shades

Hi all,I tried the game with 2 different VGAs, Asus Strix OC 2GB and 4GB and the result is always the same, in some precise spots i get awful red colored shades. i tried with resetting everything - OC included - at default. the only option that seem ...

Battlefield Hardline Shuttering on my G751JY GTX980M

Hello,I'm facing shuttering problems on my new laptop ASUS ROG G751JY-DH72X GTX980M (Full specs). likw alomost every monute or 2 i feel screen freeze for 2 to 3 secs, although I have an old model of ASUS G75VX with 670M and i don't observe the proble...

Screen Tearing - G75VX - Looking for suggestions

Hello;I have a G75VX. I like to play side sidescroller/left to right type games, games such as Guacamelee!, Rogue Legacy and recently, Axiom Verge. I seem to encounter a considerable amount of screen tear/blurryness when moving from left to right in...