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First game you played on your new gaming laptop was...

I've never owned a high-end gaming laptop, mostly just laptops for school. But now, I just bought the ASUS ROG Strix and I am sooo excited!!! So far I've only done initial backup, installed some programs, and updates so really looking forward to play...


Guys i need anyone or every body whether he/she is professional in gaming , l play football games around 10 years so  can any one tell me what is the best game between PES & FIFA based on how you play one of them ??

Armory crate, performance vs turbo

Is playing game on performance mode bad, even if pwrformance mode can handle the game jst fine but it may produce more heat because of less fan speed than turbo mode?? This is like so confusing..... someone help,,, (game is valorant 1080p at lowest s...

AmritJ by Level 7
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minecraft 1.7.4

pictures are topjava updated win 7 64 bithd7970 matrix platinum16gb rami delete driver and files andthan return to normalDriver Packaging Version: 13.35.1005-140131a-167669E-ATICatalyst Version : 14.1you see my problem on pictures. thanks for you...

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hot phone with latest update

Hello everyone, with the latest update of the Asus Rog 6 PRO phone, it gets too hot when playing for about 30 minutes, and that didn't happen, and it's not because it has more applications, on the contrary, I have less use of my mobile, could you sol...

svysxi by Level 7
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Question about a Steam game

I just got the Asus ROG Ally 5-6 days ago. Most of the games work great from Steam. There’s been a couple where I had to mess around a bit. But got them working. For some reason the Laika Aged Through Blood demo I can’t get working. It worked great t...

Watch dog

Hi people! My systemcpu amd93702x r9 290X bf4 e32gb ssd128gbcrosshair v formula zThis game is freezing when i play with crossfire or without crossfire(game is original)Thank you!