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Spin Tires

So, Spin Tires. Yah. What is it? A game. The game with incredibly realistic physics, awesome huge trucks getting stuck in mud, sometimes literally drowning in there. Also it has rich community as you can witness there

ReiV by Level 7
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Red Screen of Death?

I've just recently bought my first ASUS item. It is the ROG G20 gaming tower. I have set it up with an Acer LCD monitor, Logitech G720+ Keyboard, and a gaming mouse (Forgot the brand). Anyways, it was my first time setting up a desktop so, I put in a...

ASUS G551 power is not promising

Hello Guys , Just Wanna Asking That Why My Asus G551(052) Cant Even Run A Online Game Called Heroes of Newerth (its on garena plus) When I Playing The Game My Screen Sometimes Just Hang and I Cant Even Do Anything Except Restart My Laptop And That Pi...

Stuttering gaming on SSD then Ram Drive

Has anyone else here forgot to use the ram drive software they got with their motherboard? I was playing Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag on a 512 gigabyte SSD and I thought the whole time it was stuttering it was my CPU or GPU even when I toned down the...

New Facebook Puzzle Game - Trick a Slick

Hi guys!Let me introduce our game.It’s time for moneybags to share their fortune.During the Lawless Age they’ve stolen a lot of money, much more than they need. Now it’s time to take it back. All of it.During the Lawless Age huge amounts of money wer...

Addicted to Hardware more than gaming?

Whats up y'all. Just curious if anybody here gets overwhelmed with the hardware bug only to leave out games as a secondary thought..You know how it is. We go back and forth from our BIOSes, tweak our GPU's then benchmark the **** out of our systems o...

Far Cry 5

The palm trees remind me of the first crysis game but the water looks a lot better.

Nate152 by Moderator
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Constant Shut Down when playing games!

Hi there, my name is LucFafard and I have been using an ASUS ROG G75V (Or VW I don't know the difference) for about 2 years, I have NEVER had any problems. But a couple months back after I accidently managed too wipe my pc, a month later I started ge...

Total War on ROG

Who among here play total war games on ROG?Shogun 2, Rome 2 or Attila?

G75VX running Battlefield Hardline - Newbie Question =D

Hey Guys, As the game BF Hardline it is a little expensive in Brazil, I would like to know beforehand if I will be able to run it at least on med settings getting 60 fps!My notebook has an GTX 670 MX (OC with MSI Afterburn).I really appreciate any he...

Femorsp by Level 7
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