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Insane Lag during Online Gaming

Usually I would blame the ISP or the router for such problems, but my roommates who have far less superior laptops aren't experiencing any lag at all. The drivers are up to date and I'm the only one out of the three of us who can actually utilize the...

Formot by Level 7
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The Division - Major FPS Drops

I'm running 1920x1080 at recommended default settings but still getting FPS drops. Not sure what's going on. I am definitely beyond the recommended specifications and I'm still getting graphical lag. Most areas I'll be at 60FPS but in front of the ma...

Xbox One Controllers and Wireless Adapter

Hi,i have issue with Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows and Xbox One Controllers.I have two controllers.Nevermind if I connect them with USB cables or through wireless adapter, only one works.It is always controller connected as first.HW is ok and...

g750JM -can i run doom?

Hey all, I have a g750jm, which has the gtx 860m 2gb as it's gaming GPU. I'm trying to figure out if this computer will run Doom with decent graphics settings, comparable or better than it might look on ps4... or if it will run it at all. Some more...


Hey guys ,3 days ago i buy ASUS ROG G20BM BH003S Gaming Desktop Computer , And in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive have 90-150 fps ! in low resolution !its normal ?i have other system and have VGA radeon hd 5670 get 110 - 150 fps !why my new system h...

Strange crashing in Games/problem with monitoring software too!

Ive been experiencing this strange crash recently. Trying to track down the culprit. I havent been playing many games, but thus far Ive experienced the same type of crash while playing Diablo 3 and Fallout 4. Suddenly my screen will go blank, followe...

Awesome Game for ROG with Oculus Rift!

Would it be so nice to play Climb game on ROG Asus G11CD or G20CB. I read the ROG website, it said "ASUS G11 and ROG G20 gaming desktops are designed to draw you into immersive virtual gaming worlds. These gaming desktops are the tip of the spear an...

Legolas by Level 9
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Ways to get on GTA Online if it's blocked by wifi.

I often take my laptop to school and play games during lunch, when I try to play GTA Online it says that it's down (blocked by school wifi), even with my VPN (Psiphon3) it won't work, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.-Many thanks kemble9900.

365.10 driver

Is everyone happy with the 365.10 driver

grassy by Level 12
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