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Watch Dogs 2: Graphics Quality & Performance

Unlike console gamers who have little to no control over the image quality of their games, PC gamers are can tweak the game to their heart’s desire. After all, it’s one of the perks for belonging to the PC Master Race. Watch Dogs 2 on the PC comes wi...

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Chino by Level 15
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New PG278QR getting 143HZ instead of 140Hz Why? Please help

hello communityi had an ASUS PG278Q, everything was fine but i have some ghosting and asus give me back my money, now i bought the new PG278QR, and in all games i get a maximum of 143hz or 119hz and so on, in window mode the refresh rate is 144hz, so...

Alguien también tiene problemas al jugar

Hola, me he comprado el GL553 VD y resulta que juegos como el call of duty world at war que antes ejecutaba sin ningún problema, ahora en este bicho es imposible que rule. Tambien me pasa con Silent Hunter IV de steam. Me parece raro la verdad. Otra ...

fmazarro by Level 7
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G-Sync and V-Sync doesn't works with Windows 10 Creators Update

Hi guys, after I updated the windows to the creators update, I can't activate G-Sync neither the V-Sync, I already tried by the NVIDIA control panel and enabled V-Sync in the games, but nothing works, do you guys have some suggestion ?Laptop GL502VS ...

gugle by Level 7
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question about gaming center

is this software even useful in some way beisdes shortcuts, some system info and some fan control? this seems like some useless garbage-ware tat hav no other essential function....


Utomik 14 day free trial

I never heard of Utomik and might have to try it.Link to site -

Nate152 by Moderator
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Elder Scrolls Minion Add ons

I am in need of some assistance, I just got my Asus G752 and it is nice, However I am unable to get the Minion Add on to work correctly with Elder Scrolls. As far as I can tell the path is correct to the game but the game doesn't see the add ons. Wha...

ASUS ROG 702VM Heat and Performance issues?

HiI just bought ASUS ROG 702VM Spec:17.3" 120 HzI7 7700HQ 16 GB DDR4 RAM 2400MhZGTX1060 6GB RAMWhen I play battlefield 1 on my laptop it gets very hot. About 80-90 degrees, and the fans are blowing at high pressure. I searched some forums and watched...

BorisDK by Level 7
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Everspace Graphics Performance Guide

Man has always had a fascination with outer space. For those of us who aren’t astronauts or millionaires who can pay for a seat on a commercial space flight, we can still make it to space in video games. Space-themed games that put you in the cockpit...

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Chino by Level 15
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