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What’s been your favorite game recently?

Hello everyone. This is a non-technical thread because I want ro bring up a more open topic. So, what has been your favorite game lately? I’m starving for new cool games.

Need help on items going black in game

I have the Asus Strix G513rm.When I play call of duty mobile on the gameloop emulator, I get items turning black. Items such as the tree tops, roads, guns in display.  If I exit the game and clear the cache, the problem resolves itself. I updated the...


ROG Zephyrus Sudden severe FPS drops

Hello, I bought a asus ROG laptop last month and it is encountering problems since thenwhen I play some game at medium settings the fps suddenly drops to unplayable condition and then after few seconds it becomes normali have made a video of it. i do...

My asus rog g17 G713PI model computer turns off and on suddenly.

My asus rog g17 G713PI model computer turns off and on suddenly. I just bought my computer and I'm sorry to experience this problem. Please explain how to solve this problem. Also, I cannot use my computer's keyboard while playing VALORANT\ MOUND BLA...

Returning to World of Warcraft

Hello everyone! I'm currently returning to World of Warcraft, but, to be honest, I don't have much time. Can anyone please advise on how to level up quickly?

Most addictive pc game recommendation

Determining the "most addictive game" can be subjective and depends on individual preferences and playstyles. However, some games are commonly cited as being highly addictive by many players. Here are a few examples:World of Warcraft: This massively ...

Strix G17 fps probelm

Hello friends. I just bought the Strix last month. And my fps will be locked at 15 once it goes into full screen for a few seconds. At first, it only happened when I was at the gaming screen. Once I go to another window, like using alt+R to launch AM...

harry potter : magic awakened

Please put settings to use the air trigger tab and the macro tab for the Harry Potter Magic Awakened download game; Such as Call of Duty Mobile or League of Legends: Wild Reef where these settings could be download 

EurusOG by Level 7
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