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chassis fan not spinning GT35 - SOLVED

hello,good day, I just bought an Asus ROG STRIX GT 35 with i9 11900KF and RTX 3090; there is an AIO pump.(yeah it's a lot of money; I managed to keep my previous rig 11 years : Win7, I will miss you)I realized the rear fan in the chassis is not spinn...

Recomendaciones antes de comprar el Asus Tuf Gaming F15

Hola a todos, estoy en planes de comprarme un portátil para jugar, como no controlo mucho de hardware he estado mirando por todo internet sobre cual comprar y al final leí un artículo sobre la marca asus, y me ha llamado mucho la atención el modelo A...

Similar games to League of Legends

Hi guys!I’m seeking games that are similar or even better than League of Legends. Can you give me a few suggestions? Thanks so much for your help.

Free Game

Free Game If You Log In To Ubisoft Forward , Ubisoft Forward Crashed During The Free Game Offer Event registering you will soon receive your free PC copy of Watch Dogs 2 in your Uplay PC library.

Will Hyper-Casual Games Perish After A Boom?

The Boom of Hyper-Casual Games Started in 2019 No one could deny the rapid rising of hyper-casual games in the past few years. 2019 witnessed the start of the boom of hyper-casual games, with a 100% increase in downloads as compared to 2018. In 2021,...

What's everyone playing? August 2017 Edition

Hey everyone. My current PC build has gone through quite a few tweaks and iterations but is finalized for now. It's primarily an overpowered photo/video editing machine and massive Plex media server for all my ripped Blu-rays, but when I build I can'...

BizzyB by Level 7
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Hot temperatures G15

Hi everyone!I've recently bought an asus zephyrus g15 laptop. (Ryzen 7, rtx 3060) I like everything about the machine except one thing, the temperatures. Even at low spec games like Hearthstone cpu goes up to 80 C and Gpu to 70 C. When I played FF X...

Robiba by Level 7
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G715GV CPU 100% ingame with 70°c Temp

Hi,On my G715GV , when i play "rise of tomb raider" i have throttling on my cpu for 2 secondes, it block to 100% use.The gpu is 70 fps with 60% use The temperature is:cpu : between 65°c / 70°cgpu: 70cI have disable turbo boost on settings windows ...