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Battlefield 3 - Ziba Tower only server (64 slots)

We have just started up a Battlefield 3 server that is Ziba Tower only (64 slots). To be able to play it, you need the "Close Quarters" DLC added to your Battlefield 3 account. You can find our server here: -=N00bs Hiding in Toilets @ Ziba Tower=- 18...

FPS is capped at 30 when playing in window fullscreen (GL535ve)

So the dumbest thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I am a huge mmorpg fan and 90% of my gaming time I spend playing WoW. Bought this new laptop so that I could finally enjoy this game with no lag. Unfortunately a few weeks ago they released a new p...

Domaxas by Level 7
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Why is Sniper Elite 4 using so much power?

I've got a question for those of you who play in Crossfire mode, or know something about it. I've never had this happen in any games before, even those that run Crossfire on Ultra or high end settings. Only this one, Sniper Elite 4.Whenever I run i...

hd7870-dc2 2gd5 v2 Previous owners have maxed out Vram problems?

I run this card with a M5A97 FX 6300 8 gig (2x4) 1600 Aptop ram thermaltake 500 PSU 120 g SSD Windows 10 and basically only play World of Tanks regularly. I am having trouble running the HD textures package, ie "improved" graphics. Now it does fine ...

We need more Battlefield 3 players to join our server

Hey all!We have just started up a Battlefield 3 server. Ofcourse we'd like to see some good, old ASUS people playing on it!We run the Close Quarters DLC and are mainly focused on Conquest Domination, Gun Master and Team Deathmatch.Our server is liste...

FarCry 5 Crashes

I'll post this here because it is a Rog Strix 1080ti gaming that is having the driver issue with the game and Nvidia forum members seem to be quite useless and give me gems like "if you're drivers are crashing, you need to find the cause and fix it."...

dkulprit by Level 7
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Why Intel graphic is disabled?

Hello,I just want to know why alsmost all gaming laptops from Asus has disabled and locked intel graphic card?I have ASUS Fx503 with i7 and 1060 gtx.There are more and more games with dx 12 support and multi gpu.Intel graphic would give us fps boost ...

baddipl by Level 7
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Gaming Keyboard for use with Maximus X Formula

I have heard that Corsair K70 and K95 work well with Aura and the Maximus X motherboards. Is this true? Do you guys have any recommendations for a good KB to use?

cdcbr3 by Level 7
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Battle of the VR Memes [Battle #4]

UPDATEWinners Announcement: winners announcement for Battle of the VR Memes will be posted up on ROG website on Jan 15thSince this last battle was heavily aff...

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Bahz by Level 13
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