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Assassins creed odyssey load fix

If anyone is having trouble getting past splash screen in Odyssey, try putting cache voltage to auto in bios. I have no clue why this worked for me, but I spent 10 hours troubleshooting the issue. I have an i9 7980xe, so it was clearly not an Avx ...

Asus rog swift pg258q

Hello boys I have bought an asus rog Swift pg258q Like 2 months ago and I used it only to play xbox so it was stuck at 60hz but now I bought a pc and in Windows it only shows up as a 60hz monitor and in nvidia settings when I try and test a 240hz res...

Zbznzzb by Level 7
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GM501GM Low GPU Usage

Hello, I bought ASUS ROG Zephyrus M (GTX 1060) a few days ago and I tested the performance with some games, especially on PUBG. But I get very low fps compared to benchmaarks on internet. On very low settings, I get around 60 fps, not more than 70 bu...

Khrest by Level 7
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I finally got win build 1809 installed and latest NV driver.Loaded up BFV and tested with the Titan V ,all settings as advised by nv, all through intro missions *I had a solid 58/62 FPS with smooth gameplay, I considered that to be prity good!Started...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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headset out of juice while gaming? solution

Maybe this is common practice among gamers, little do i knowBut if the recharging cable is very short like mine, its impossible to connect to the USB port and continue the gameSolution: When the headset alarm goes off, plug in a smartphone powerbank ...

Retired by Not applicable
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Assassins creed odyssey

Has anyone come across a problem with Legendary armor not being dropped after defeating all cultists.I have 19 pieces mostly waist and leg armor missing after finishing the main story line and nearly all missions including killing all the animal boss...

grassy by Level 12
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Asus XG32VQ 144hz Freesync Screen Issue

Hi all, i just bought the ASUS XG32VQ 144hz freesync monitor last night. After install(HDMI+power cable) everything works fine. After that i tried to turn off screen and turn it on again but it cant. The screen prompt “HDMI No Input” and i tried to u...

ROG Swift PG258Q Call of Duty - Black Ops 4 Edition- WHEN?!

Hello all, I am wondering when the new monitors are coming out? It seems the panels are upgraded from the TN panels and this could be a perfect companion to my XG27VQ attached to my xbox one x and my PC that has the EVGA GTX 1080 Ti. I hate TN panels...

crypto1 by Level 7
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