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How to claim COD-BO 4 gift code?

Hello everyone,I bought a new P279Q monitor yesterday which supposed to include COD-BO 4 free key from Amazon UK. However I didn't receive anything related to COD inside the box.Please advise.Thanks.

TorwaK by Level 7
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Will asus post blackout beta codes as well?

I got an email a few days ago and got a free key to the mp private beta, was wondering if asus will hook us up and give us black out beta codes for bo4.

difference between the g series models

Whats the main difference between all of the G series gaming laptops (G55, G51, G53, G72, G73, G74. G75) and which would you consider the absolute best? Price doesn't matter and I currently own the G75VW-DS72. Thanks in advance.Phillywilly117

Valve approves uncensored porn game on Steam

Oh My Goodness , Is This Reality ,Valve Approves Uncensored Porn Game On Steam . Unethical Intended

Asus Rog gl502vmk i5 1060 6gb poor perfomance in warcraft 3

Hello there, I am having some problems with running warcraft 3 on my laptop, it stutters, drops frames constantly, even as low as 20-30 fps, when it should not. I played dishonored 2 on very high settings at it never dropped below 70 fps. Updated bio...

Dev4nt by Level 7
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Game Subscriptions?

Do you guys buy games through ea, steam, Ubisoft or amazon.I was looking at buying battlefield V but all the media points me toward buying it from ea, that’s fine it’s about the same price as anywhere else! but in order to buy it I have to subscribe ...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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Far Cry 5 Performance

Hey everyone, just wondering how Far Cry 5 is performing on your pc's.1440p

Nate152 by Moderator
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major PC stutter with most modern games

I purchased the base i5 7400 model of the ROG GR8 II around a year ago. Within the last few months, I've been noticing that nearly every modern game i run has this major stuttering issue, whether it be long load times in quake champions, stutter when...