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Will asus post blackout beta codes as well?

I got an email a few days ago and got a free key to the mp private beta, was wondering if asus will hook us up and give us black out beta codes for bo4.

difference between the g series models

Whats the main difference between all of the G series gaming laptops (G55, G51, G53, G72, G73, G74. G75) and which would you consider the absolute best? Price doesn't matter and I currently own the G75VW-DS72. Thanks in advance.Phillywilly117

Valve approves uncensored porn game on Steam

Oh My Goodness , Is This Reality ,Valve Approves Uncensored Porn Game On Steam . Unethical Intended

Asus Rog gl502vmk i5 1060 6gb poor perfomance in warcraft 3

Hello there, I am having some problems with running warcraft 3 on my laptop, it stutters, drops frames constantly, even as low as 20-30 fps, when it should not. I played dishonored 2 on very high settings at it never dropped below 70 fps. Updated bio...

Dev4nt by Level 7
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Game Subscriptions?

Do you guys buy games through ea, steam, Ubisoft or amazon.I was looking at buying battlefield V but all the media points me toward buying it from ea, that’s fine it’s about the same price as anywhere else! but in order to buy it I have to subscribe ...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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Far Cry 5 Performance

Hey everyone, just wondering how Far Cry 5 is performing on your pc's.1440p

Nate152 by Moderator
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major PC stutter with most modern games

I purchased the base i5 7400 model of the ROG GR8 II around a year ago. Within the last few months, I've been noticing that nearly every modern game i run has this major stuttering issue, whether it be long load times in quake champions, stutter when...

Severe frametime spikes

After installing the latest nvidia driver 399.24, my system developed an issue that stayed even after I rolled back the driver and even tried another version. Only playing 2 games right now (Strange Brigade and Vermintide 2) and they used to play nea...