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Upgrade help please

Ok so my desktop recently fried and im looking for a upgrade.Iv got the new Asus Formula V 990FX already and i intend to get either the AMD FX-4100 or the not 100% sure on what CPU to get, but i know that its either the 4100 or the


My friend gave me a 32" LCD TV and I am using as my main monitor for the time being. The picture is not good and I understand somewhat there is a difference between and computer monitor and an LCD TV. Does anyone have any info on settings etc, for g...

SWTOR Early game access

Has anyone gotten an invite yet?If you get one im on the EU server Basilisk Droid by the name Evermillion, care to join me? Btw does anyone know if the game can actually play on a netbook, with min graphics ofc.And before you ask WHY?!?!?! i can't ca...

Z3roSix by Level 7
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