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asus ve248h

Help me ROG! I have an asus ve248h and i need help with the calibration. Does anyone have any input on how to calibrate this screen?

BF3 & TF2 Freeze, causing me to restart computer. Why?

So I just finished building my first build, I have the latest BIOS and Chipset from the Asus website and the lasted EVGA driver for my EVGA GTX 570 HD 1.2gb. Here are the specs if you need them:3770k at 3.5GhzGTX 570 HDROG Maximus V Gene Corsair H100...

Frame rate loss with 3d gaming? Please help!!

Hi. I'm in a bit of trouble because I'm totally confused about Nvidia 3D Vision. I plan on getting the Asus ROG G74SX 3D 17 inch laptop soon which is supposed to be a "3D READY" laptop with a 120HZ screen. It has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M video card...

like3D by Level 7
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DOTA ( WOW ) can someone help me!!!!

Hi guys...I know this is not the right section to post this thread but im really looking for someones help...I just download the (WOW) DOTA folder but playing single player mode is really boring...I am getting tired and bored playing with Ai in sing...

Skyrim spikes on G75

I just picked up a G75 yesterday and for some reason when i play skyrim it runs smooth for a few seconds, then hits a big spike. It repeats 5 seconds of smooth and 5 seconds of spikes the entire time i play. It does this for both battery saver and en...

Decent flying Sim (fighters)

I have been out of the gaming scene for 5-6 yrs but bought a new G74 as a desktop replacement and was looking for a sim/game that I could fly in again. Wanted something I could use a Saitek 52X on and could either co-op online or fly alone... I have ...

G74sx -dh71 cant play diablo III worth crap.

i dont know if it is just me but d3 on this laptop is the worst ive ever seen,...... i move good for 5 seconds then keep heitting lag spikes.. and on desktop that is no where near good plays it solid on all low settings. and i play with the laptop on...

Zimtix by Level 7
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i5 75?

Firs off,I have a Budget of up to 1200$ . I can increase that if necessary. I don't have any experience with gaming laptops .I've been doing research for about 3 days now and I've narrowed my options to theG74sxbbk(8or9) and the G75VW . I was Told By...

Retired by Not applicable
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Dishonored: One Game To Watch For PC

E3 came and went and for PC gamers there wasn’t too much in the way of overly huge announcements. Certainly there are plenty of games to look forward to, but most of these are not PC exclusive. Our biggest hope, a reveal of Half Life 3, didn’t come t...

X-ROG by Level 15
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