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COD: Black Ops II Screenshots! of Call of Duty, fall in now! recently got their hands on two screenshots of the upcoming Black Ops II, courtesy of Activision. They say “Picture speaks a thousand words...

X-ROG by Level 15
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Disable Desktop Composition+Disable Visual Themes=Better FPS? TRUE?

Hey, I just happened to disable desktop composition on the Ghost Recon FS exe. file, since it was suppose to help with crashes and bugs. I recently read this, however: [...] ogram.html 1)I wonder how significant is ...

Ransome by Level 7
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G74sx play DayZ on ultra.

Im wondering if anyone has tested the game Dayz on the Asus g74sx -dh71 and if it can run this game on ultra and not overheat and play it well? im worried about long gameplay if this will explode.

Zimtix by Level 7
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List of the Datacron Locations

Datacrons are unique collectible items that you can find in less frequently traveled places on the planets located in swtor. The places Bioware hid the Datacrons are seldomly visited and are sometimes very difficult to get to. Datacrons serve a much ...

I got the D3 bug

Hey folks,Been playing a lot of d3 this past week.It is a welcome break from WOW & MOP (mist of Pandaria) betaAnyone else here got the D3 bug? So far I have a level 52 monk a level 34 Wizard and a level 5 Witch-doctor that I am trying to run thru the...

kb0sdq by Level 10
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Potential Sponsorship

I was wondering whom I would have to contact for a sponsorship Query? I work with a top Dota 2 e-Sports start-up and we would love to work with ASUS ROG. Can anyone provide any assistance?Thank you

League of Legends ROG Team? Lets make one!

Hey, I love playing League of Legends. Started just as season one ended.I wanted to see if we could get a team together and start representing ROG. Sounds good right? Beat and win in season three. Seems legit. Just need players to represent with. Any...

g73j keyboard with League of Legends

so, on occasion, I like to use my laptop for gaming due to ability to be lazy on the couch :p, and since, you know, it is a gaming laptop. Unfortunately, I've found the keyboard responsiveness has been lacking. I play league of legends from time to t...

Picasso by Level 7
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test your age quiz!!!

Ok lets see how old we are can and one name this old school year released consol released on also how many time you beat it and best time if you can remember

ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z/HD 7000 Series DiRT® Showdown™ Bundle

ASUS HD 7000 Series/ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z DiRT® Showdown™ BundleGamers stay ahead of the competition with the best AMD-platform graphics and performance motherboard in Codemaster’s latest off-road racerTaipei, Taiwan (July 23, 2012) – a special b...

X-ROG by Level 15
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