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Computer freezing during games.

In a few of my games, bf3 tf2 and crysis 3 beta, my computer will freeze. I have to hold down the power button to restart my computer every time this happens. I have reinstalled all drivers. I checked event viewer to see if I could find any thing....

jed_PK by Level 7
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Gaming toys...

What gaming peripherals do y'all use?Mice, keyboards, extra keypad thingies (like the logitech or razer ones, you know what I mean)... Maybe if we compile a list of what we use, and what we like and dislike about those, then ROG can see what gamers w...

Myranda by Level 7
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Upgrading Graphics Card

Hi, I am wanting to upgrade my graphics card from a 580 gtx to the 690 gtx....I noticed the pin connectors from the power to my 580 gtx is an eight pin and a six pin....the 690 requires two eight mobo is a Gigabite GA-P55A-UD3...I did noti...

Sodus30 by Level 7
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FSX ctd's with WIN 8 on G55V

I'm getting CTD's on my new G55V notebook which came with WIN 8.I've tried some suggestions from AVSIM but would like to know the experience of fellow gamers on this forum.Any suggestions welcomeRon

Empire Total War - Startup Flickering

HelloRecently installed Empire Total War on new G75VW c/w GTX670M graphics cardLaptop has Windows 7 installedUnfortunately upon game startup, the game flickers between game front page and back to laptop front page continouslyI have attempted mircosof...

tossa11 by Level 7
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Does anyone know any good free games?

I'm getting more into PC gaming and really want to receive opinions about any good games that are free and also very good. Size doesn't matter and the requirements for graphics aren't an issue.Thanks for any feedback :cool:

steam value packs

a year ago i noticed steam value packs quite cheap, for instance they done a rockstar pack with every rockstar game for £40 when it was working out to buy each individual game for about £500does anyone know if they still do these packs

Asus g74sx can it run crysis 3 and how well?'s my computer Can I run crysis in medium set...