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Battle of the VR Memes [Battle #4]

Level 12
Winners Announcement:

The winners announcement for Battle of the VR Memes will be posted up on ROG website on Jan 15th

Since this last battle was heavily affected due to the Holidays, we'll be extending the deadline to January 5th until 11:59pm (GMT/UTC +8 - Taiwan time)

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays from everyone here at ASUS ROG!

Finally we bring you the last battle! We wanted to finish off this campaign with a really interesting topic, and nothing would be more fitting than the very hot topic of VR. There’s no better way to show your thoughts about VR than through a meme. Let the meme battles begin!

I came up with my own little VR meme, hope you like it! - It appears some part of the meme is cut off since I can't resize with vBulletin

Original source: Shutterstock

For bonus points, please also share your idea behind your meme or about VR itself.

Battle of the VR Memes officially starts on December 22, 2016 at whenever this post is live and will end on January 5, 2017 at 11:59pm (GMT+8).

See prizes and complete rules below:

Biweekly battle topic prizes

1st Prize – ROG Goodies Box (filled with a ton of exclusive ROG swag)
2nd Prize –Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
3rd Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
4th Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)

Grand Prizes (draw will take place between January 5th 2017 –Janurary 11th 2017)


  • The meme must be related to VR and any other topics will not be considered as a valid entry
  • The meme can either be a picture with text or a short image clip (GIF) with text
  • Only original work will be accepted, please don’t post existing memes you find over the Internet and try to take credit for it, that’s called plagiarism and will disqualify you from this campaign
  • Upload the picture of the meme to the ROG forum gallery or use any 3rd party picture hosting like “” and post the meme directly in the battle thread. For GIFs, please use or the GIF won't show up properly
  • The meme can use any content found over the Internet, but remember to credit the original author/source (best effort basis)
  • At the conclusion of the battle, 4 finalists will be chosen and a poll be will created for public voting
  • Additional qualified replies/comments will earn you additional entries for the grand prize draw. All additional qualified replies/comments on this thread or the other 3 battle topic threads will be accepted as additional entries upuntil January 4th 2017
  • Qualified replies/comments must have substance and not 1-2 word replies and are helpful in carrying forward the discussion. The eligibility of each reply/comment will be determined by our ROG forum admins.
  • The order of the winners will be decided through public voting and internal voting (ranked based on total points)
  • Winners will be announced on the ROG website once the public and internal voting are completed (10 days after the conclusion of the battle– estimated January 15-16, 2017)

For complete rules for this campaign, please visit the official campaign thread:

Merry christmas to all 🙂


Here's my entry for a meme 🙂




I got this idea from my experience. I don't have a VR but my friend have one. So he ask me to try it and that is my reaction literally when i tried VR for the first time. Teehee!


Because I play a lot of Overwatch, Roadhog came to my mind after being thinking in huge men (lol) sitting in front of a PC. After that I went to search for the soplay image that I already saw some days ago, I first searched "sexy roadhog" but believe, I didn't get the results I wanted. It was till I searched "Roadhog girl cosplay" that found it. Later on, after looking at the stock image I knew where to put the VR headset, it was clean, like Roadhog was just putting down the VR after a long gaming session. The, to add a little of roadhog style, I searched for the pig he has in his stomach and made it look like a sticker on it. After all that I tried to match the background of both images and the meme was done. Roadhog is a sexy female version of himself when he plays VR! Hope you like it people!

References: (Image of the cosplayer by Kinpatsu, pretty awesome work in my opinion) (I took the Piggy Icon from here, removed the yellow background, made by Teepublic) (Image I found on google, Roadhog and Junkgrat from Overwatch). (The vr is an image I found on google images).

Here's my submission, when you play VR like the whole day. XD Expectation vs Reality indeed.



This is my Entry 🙂
IN GAME vs REALITY - when you got so rich in the game while jobless in real life + can't even afford to buy foods XD
How it was make:
I think a lot of memes but I want to have more ideas before making one, so!! I challenge my self to chat my crush and she replied, then I ask her of a meme about VR then this is the result XD . Thank you crush ❤️


Here's my entry! 🙂


Imgur Link:

Photos grabed from "What it feels like to get a GTX 1080: Part II" video. (
Original Lineart by Luken Delzeal
Meme by seirafrncsc.

Have fun! 😄

Here is my VR Meme. The idea behind this meme I made is that my classmates and friends always had better social lives/everyday adventures/activities, and here I am, alone in my room, playing video games. So I decided to incorporate those in my meme entry about having a job, and here it is. Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives. I hope this will not be my fate. LOL.
Images used from:
*Proudly made using Paint

I remember this when im playing games near the monitor,,, and my mom scolded me not to be so closed hahaa... but nowaddays Vr be like hahahaa...