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Battle of the VR Memes [Battle #4]

Level 13
Winners Announcement:

The winners announcement for Battle of the VR Memes will be posted up on ROG website on Jan 15th

Since this last battle was heavily affected due to the Holidays, we'll be extending the deadline to January 5th until 11:59pm (GMT/UTC +8 - Taiwan time)

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays from everyone here at ASUS ROG!

Finally we bring you the last battle! We wanted to finish off this campaign with a really interesting topic, and nothing would be more fitting than the very hot topic of VR. There’s no better way to show your thoughts about VR than through a meme. Let the meme battles begin!

I came up with my own little VR meme, hope you like it! - It appears some part of the meme is cut off since I can't resize with vBulletin

Original source: Shutterstock

For bonus points, please also share your idea behind your meme or about VR itself.

Battle of the VR Memes officially starts on December 22, 2016 at whenever this post is live and will end on January 5, 2017 at 11:59pm (GMT+8).

See prizes and complete rules below:

Biweekly battle topic prizes

1st Prize – ROG Goodies Box (filled with a ton of exclusive ROG swag)
2nd Prize –Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
3rd Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
4th Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)

Grand Prizes (draw will take place between January 5th 2017 –Janurary 11th 2017)


  • The meme must be related to VR and any other topics will not be considered as a valid entry
  • The meme can either be a picture with text or a short image clip (GIF) with text
  • Only original work will be accepted, please don’t post existing memes you find over the Internet and try to take credit for it, that’s called plagiarism and will disqualify you from this campaign
  • Upload the picture of the meme to the ROG forum gallery or use any 3rd party picture hosting like “” and post the meme directly in the battle thread. For GIFs, please use or the GIF won't show up properly
  • The meme can use any content found over the Internet, but remember to credit the original author/source (best effort basis)
  • At the conclusion of the battle, 4 finalists will be chosen and a poll be will created for public voting
  • Additional qualified replies/comments will earn you additional entries for the grand prize draw. All additional qualified replies/comments on this thread or the other 3 battle topic threads will be accepted as additional entries upuntil January 4th 2017
  • Qualified replies/comments must have substance and not 1-2 word replies and are helpful in carrying forward the discussion. The eligibility of each reply/comment will be determined by our ROG forum admins.
  • The order of the winners will be decided through public voting and internal voting (ranked based on total points)
  • Winners will be announced on the ROG website once the public and internal voting are completed (10 days after the conclusion of the battle– estimated January 15-16, 2017)

For complete rules for this campaign, please visit the official campaign thread:

Hulk get angry hulk get out VR is the same VR out


entering VR world is like HULK transformation 😛 HULK VR OUT ;):D


Happy holidays (^_^) <80)

This was 80s True vr, I remeber this like yesterday and it was pure magic!!!

When we think of VR youtubers we all think of Pewdiepie and Pewdiepie's VR videos are all meme worthy so I decided to pick Pewdiepie for the meme, we also know that Pewdipie's VR videos can get quite sexual and what's the most sexual meme around here? of course it's the "5 minutes into _____ and chill and he gives you this look" so this is the idea behind my meme.

Pewdiepie's video that I used:
My gif link:
Site I used to edit the gif:

O.s.k wrote:
This was 80s True vr, I remeber this like yesterday and it was pure magic!!!

Looked in these already in the 60s. 🙂


Credit: mine

PS. Don't worry Giorgio if you read this, it's only a joke... 🙂

Hello I'm Samuel, this activity is really fun haha. So there are different kinds of Virtual Reality headsets out there so I came up with this type of meme. This meme reflects my reality lol.

all pics used credits to
Oculus dk2

FonzieBulldog wrote:
Looked in these already in the 60s. 🙂

I don't know abou 60s, i wasn't borned 😛

O.s.k wrote:
This was 80s True vr, I remeber this like yesterday and it was pure magic!!!

Lol! In the late 90's I had a ASUS AGP-V6600 Deluxe with ASUS VR-100 LCD 3D glasses. The best it did was to give you double vision, for life.


That feels when you don't have a budget for a VR-capable PC and HMD.
I just made the Google cardboard from my keyboard's box long time ago (when Google released their printable layout).
A high-end 2014 phone is good enough to give a peek of VR, but not as immersive as PC's.
And yes, that's a mosquito swatter.

First half of the picture is from
Second half was taken by myself. That's me on the pic 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is my meme hope you enjoy it.