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Battle of the LoL Memes [Battle #1]

Level 12

Winners announcement:
Congrats to all the winners!

Public voting for Battle of the LoL Memes has begun, voting period is from Nov 28 (8:00pm GMT+8) to Dec 3 (8:00pm GMT+8) - click on link below

Introducing the first battle topic: Battle of the LoL Memes, it’s going to be one epic battle! This battle begins on November 10th 2016 at 8:00pm (GMT+8) and ends on November 24th 2016 at 8:00pm (GMT+8).

The theme of this topic is LoL (League of Legends), so all submitted memes “must” be related to LoL to qualify. Creating the perfect meme requires the perfect idea, but please don’t waste too much time trying to make the perfect edit. While we would all love to marvel at your amazing editing skills, it’s the best idea that will win.

Below is an example that I came up with and the editing took less than 10 minutes.
Original source: Shutterstock

I’ve played LoL for about 3 years and quit a little over a year ago due to life getting a little too busy. When I think back to my LoL playing days, I always hated playing with Teemo on my team. I can recall at least 3 times when I got KS’d by a Teemo denying me of my glorious Penta kill (ace), so above is how I felt when I got KS’d by Teemo.

Post up your meme and share your story (if you have one) and I’m sure we’re all interested to know.

Prizes for Battle of the LoL Memes
1st Prize – ROG Goodies Box (filled with a ton of exclusive ROG swag)
2nd Prize – ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad
3rd Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
4th Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
5th Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code) – Random selection

ROG Grand Prize Draw (January 5 - January 11)

1st Prize – ROG G20 Gaming Desktop
2nd Prize – ROG Swift PG248Q Gaming Monitor
3rd Prize – ROG Centurion 7.1 Gaming Headset
4th Prize – ROG Strix GTX 1050 Ti OC Graphics Card
5th Prize – ROG Claymore Gaming Keyboard
6th Prize – ROG Spatha Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse


  • The meme can either be a picture with text or a short image clip (GIF) with text
  • Only original work will be accepted, please don’t post existing memes you find over the Internet and try to take credit for it, that’s called plagiarism and will disqualify you from this campaign
  • Upload the picture of the meme to the ROG forum gallery or use any 3rd party picture hosting like “” and post the meme directly in the battle thread
  • The meme can use any content found over the Internet, but remember to credit the original author/source (best effort basis)
  • At the conclusion of the battle, 4 finalists will be chosen and a poll be will created for public voting
  • Additional qualified replies/comments will earn you additional entries for the grand prize draw. All additional qualified replies/comments on this thread or the other 3 battle topic threads will be accepted as additional entries up until January 4th 2017
  • Qualified replies/comments must have substance and not 1-2 word replies and are helpful in carrying forward the discussion. The eligibility of each reply/comment will be determined by our ROG forum admins.
  • The order of the winners will be decided through public voting and internal voting. (ranked based on total points)
  • Winners will be announced on the ROG website once the public and internal voting are completed (10 days after the conclusion of the battle – estimated December 4th)

For complete rules for this campaign, please visit the official campaign thread:
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by: Nugraha Cliche


source: google search>superman cry

Students in class.*

petar_popovac wrote:

source: google search>superman cry

Oh man, so true it hurts. That feeling when losing an even match.

Everytime I play Nidalee and there's a Rengar on the opposite side, this always happens...



I hope you find it funny 😄

Middle image credits to (Artist: NIELSPETERDEJONG)
Bottom image credits to ("All Trumped up")


Google search: Lol pic*


*This was a screen shot LOTR The two towers, i captured it whilst watching using my girlfriends phone, I was originally going to make a different meme out of this, but since i saw the ROG battle grounds, i decided to use it to this contest instead 😄 I DID NOT DOWNLOAD IT FROM GOOGLE.(for reference only).

This was my exact reaction two days before season 6 ends(region:Asia, Philippines) and i was able to reach Platinum 5, it was as if the curse was lifted. FINALLY!!