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Asus TUF A15 2023 (AMD 7735HS x 4060)

Level 7

Hello, I bought this laptop a few months ago and I was really satisfied overall until recently when I began to experience some weird issues. 

First, my laptop gets to over 90C on the CPU almost on every game, even less demanding ones.

Second, lately I have been experiencing some weird stuttering when gaming, FPS drops and sometimes even the colors on the screen completely change and go more opaque for a split second (I am afraid this issue might be a major one and I am hoping anyone can clarify this one to me.

Third, The last version of Nvidia Driver is not installing and I tried like 3 times already to do it.

The most important thing i want to know is about the second issue and if this is a major one. If that's the case then maybe I should take my warranty and exchange the laptop?


Level 7

90C is pretty high for the CPU, especially in less demanding games. The screen color issue is strange too, almost like a T-virus contamination effect...

Have you tried running a stress test to see if the high temps and stutters are replicated outside of games? Maybe something like MSI Afterburner or HWMonitor. As for the driver issue, a clean install might help. You can find instructions on Nvidia's website. If the problems persist after those checks, then an RMA might be the way to go.

Thank you I will try the stress tests and see what happens. As for the temperature, yes it is. I play mostly dota 2, PUBG, v rising and stuff like that. Never high demanding AAA games. So I am quite disappointed that I already encountered a problem like that only after 2 months.

What is a T-Virus though, I looked it up on the internet and couldn't find anything