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Asus scar 16 2023, how to fix turning to black screen.

Level 9

First thing first, many thanks to a YouTuber named gaming performance. He is the person who is told me to do this way. In Armoury Crate set GPU mode to Standard and in Nvidia control panel > manage display mode, switch to optimus. It will help you run this laptop in HDR mode without crash or screen turning into a black screen. However, it comes with the other problem, the HDR comes worse than the SDR mode. I mean, it looks yellowish. After doing some research, I found somehow ASUS armoury crate puts off muti-zone backlight in HDR mode. I hope someone in this forum will share how to fix HDR mode with multi-zone enable.


Level 9

So this is the worst way yet then. You loose 10-15% performance when not in dedicated mode. And hdr can’t work without multizone at all so… This seems like pretty crappy advice. The drivers on the Asus homepage works flawless. But their not the latest. That’s the only problem. 

This is the only way at this moment. Let's hope Asus fixes this soon.

No its not. Use the drivers om asus homepage. Then everything works as intended. But not the latest updates to the driver…

if not multizone backlight is on the hdr is not even working. You dont know what your Talking about dude. 😆 and than handicap it ever more by lowering performance by 15%. 

seems like a pretty crappy way and not even a solution at all. Just make things worse. 

I used NVIDIA driver from the ASUS homepage. It's just helping you prevent a crash into a black screen when you use HDR mode, but in fact the HDR you are using is the fake one. You could open your armory crate and look at the multi-zone option. Asus armoury crate disabled it. What I am telling you is a solution with the latest NVIDIA driver, despite you will still have crappy HDR without muti-zone backlight.

It isn’t disabled. Hover the mouse over and it says why it’s greyed out. Because you can’t disable it IN HDR-mode. So it’s working correct. 

As I said. Hdr won’t work without multizone backlight. And it works flawless with 1200 Nits peak brightness. No problem. Multizone work with hdr. No problem. Games look amazing. YouTube look amazing, Dolby vision works on Netflix etc. 

The only problem is drivers are old. 

Level 9

With my scar 16, I can enable HDR in windows screen settings and it works fine with no black screen issues, I can game in HDR, play hdr videos on youtube, play dolby vision mp4 files with no problem.

I installed the latest graphics drivers from intel and nvidia, not from asus.

My settins are:

-Enable HDR in windows (this greys out the multi-zone backlight setting in armoury crate which means you can only use hdr with multi-zone so you can't turn on single zone backlight while hdr is active. Greyed out multi-zone setting means it is locked on multi-zone mode. This also disables the gamevisual settings tab in armoury crate and says gamevisual doesn't work when in hdr mode).

-GPU mode in armoury crate is on Standart.

-Nvidia control panel > manage display mode is set to automatic select, so after launching a game the mux switch selects dedicated gpu. Selecting Optimus on this page disabled the mux switch for me which is not optimal. With the autamatic select mode, after launching the game the screen freezes for 2-3 seconds and the device now has signal from the dgpu only.

A minor issue I have here is that it sometimes gives an error saying screen mode can't be changed. When I click the error it says that a process named 'armouryaudioagent.exe' is the culprit. After terminating that process from task manager, the mux switch works again. No idea why that process causes this and terminating it causes no problem with me.The process does not run again until I run armoury crate, if I do I have to terminate the process again. Hopefully it will be patched soon.

As I have stated in a seperate thread, my one issue with HDR is that my Dolby Access app has no settings tab for dolby vision, there are only settings about dolby atmos. I'm almost sure that the screen runs dolby vision because the netflix app from microsoft store shows dolby vision+atmos under the details screen for supported shows, and I can run dolby vision mp4 and mkv files with the true colors, not with the purple tint as on non DV supported devices. I installed the suggested extensions and codecs but still no dolby vision tab in the dolby app. 

I saw some reviewers on youtube that have the vision tab on their app. Ho is the situation for you guys? Any suggestions for that?

I wont turn on the standard mode i only run dedicated gpu because else you loose performance. That’s a fact. 

Hdr is broken in windows anyways. Always been. Hdr is just a big headache really. Always something not working. And auto-hdr works pretty bad in some titles not mastered in hdr. 

Just run SDR this screen looks awesome in SDR to I have noticed lately 🙂

I told you in my first post. “However, it comes with the other problem, the HDR comes worse than the SDR mode.”

I did a test, and I found there is no blooming area that caused by a white spot on the black background. It proves my statement that Asus put off multi-zone is right. So, that makes a question, what is the point of having a mini led but can't use it for HDR mode?