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Asus ROG GX800 mouse wheel problem

Level 7
Hello everyone,

Last october i bought a g55vw gamer laptop. They shipped with a GX800 gamer mouse, which worked fine untill now. This week the wheel started to act weird. When I scroll up, everything is okay, I hear the ticky mechanic sound, but when I try to scroll down ,the rubber covering on the wheel just slips, and is doenst actually scroll, no sound comes out. Not every time, but very often, and it is very anoying when I browse a webpage or work, etc.... I have to use the scroll constantly
So the question is, how do I fix it, because it has no guarantee, it was a gift with the laptop?

Advanced thanx for everyone!

Level 40
Hmm...I'm not sure but even if it was a "gift" came with the purchase of the laptop and should should be able to send it it listed on the invoice?

nop, unfortunately not 😞

Level 40
Hmmm I guess you'll have to contact someone and ask if you can send the mouse back. By the way have you tried pressing the mouse wheel or flexing it side to side etc. a bit to see if it pops back into place....I have a mouse that goes out of kilter sometimes but a bit of wiggling gets it back into place.....

I had the exact same problem as described - not sure if you sorted it already but I managed to fix it myself.

Opened up the mouse (3 screws on the bottom, 2 under the front pads and the 3rd under the big sticker near the back of the base)
Removed the wheel - I noticed it's just a rubber ring on a plastic spindle so no wonder it slips. I didn't have any plastic/rubber glue to hand so I just wrapped a small layer of blu-tack around the spindle and put the rubber ring back on it. No more slippage!