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ASUS ROG GL704GW RTX 2070 Lagging

Level 7
Hey guys was wondering if anyone has a fix for this. When I play games on my GL704GW(i7-8750H/RTX2070/16GB Ram (2x8GB) When I play games most of them run fine on very high/ultra but on one game Dying Light it lags a lot even on the lowest settings. It looks like it’s switching between the intel gpu and the nvidia gpu when looking at task manager. All my settings are set to run nvidia gpu and the intel gpu is disabled in the settings. Some times it goes unplayable for about 5-10 secs at a time. The task manager at one stage showed the intel gpu using 90% and the nvidia using 10% and some times it’s around the 40% mark for each. Any help would be greatful. All my drivers are update. I’ve never tried using older drivers but it’s the same problem