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Asus G74SX Shuting down issues

Level 7
Hi guys I registered recently on this forum to gain help with a issue in my Asus G74sx ROG notebook.

The notebook is more than three years old and it belonged to my brother in Germany and for him the notebook worked flawlessly over these years but recently he stopped using it and when I decided to go to my home country for some business he decided to give me the notebook so I won't get bored on my journey and we spent couple of days buying games over steam and Ubisoft and downloading them because I knew that I won't have internet access at home at my travel destination.

After packing the notebook with games ( only 20 gb free space left on C and 10 gb on D ) and traveling I started gaming and it worked fine in the beginning (for a month or more) till once while I was ingame the notebook just crashed. Since it's very hot where im staying I thought that the notebook is dirty and because the dust it gets overheated so I opened it and cleaned it with cleaning spray and changed the cooling paste on the processors but after starting it again the problem still existed but not for long since I found out the source of the problem: The Notebook battery settings been running on power saving and when I changed to full performance the games started to run smoothly again whit no crashes. Then I started playing the Witcher 3 and clocked it with all add ons and started playing Mass effect Andromeda and the nb crashed again in mid game. Since then I can't game anymore because it crashes when I start any game. After the nb crashes I can't turn it on for a while even the charging light won't turn on ( need to play on AC because the battery is old and not working for more than couple minutes )

Sometimes I manage to turn it on an get to windows but after starting a game it crashes after couple minutes.

My biggest fear is that the graphic card is not working anymore. I hope you can tell me otherwise and help me making the games run again pls ask me for any information you need so we can hopefully find out the source of the problem.

Thanks for all your efforts !