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ASUS G74SX Gaming question

Level 7
Hey guys,

I have a quick question for anyone who would like to answer it. I purchased a G74SX last year and have been gaming on it since then. I played Diablo 3, Counter Strike, Starcraft, WoW, and Battlefield 3. Never had any issues. The computer doesn't generally run hot when playing those games because they are not that demanding on power. Now when I play BF3, I am aware the computer is going to run hotter because it requires more power for the graphics.

My question is, when does it become "too hot?" It generally runs between 60-70 C', according to MSI afterburner. I know this is a gaming laptop but I am worried about running it too hot for too long and causing issues later on down the road. I have already sent back the laptop on warranty because of a motherboard issue, unrelated to this topic though. I plan on getting BF4 when it comes out and instead of building a new desktop, I want to make sure that I can play these types of games on here without ruining the graphics and CPU chip set.

I hope you can understand my concern.


Level 10
Hey SpeezMeister, welcome to ROG.. For GPUs and CPUs, my comfortable thermal limit is 70C.. Beyond that, running it for long hours will cut the lifetime down..

Do buy a laptop cooler for better cooling.. Example of some: Laptop coolers

Also, please change the thermal paste of the CPU n GPU.. Here is how you can do it for G74SX: G74SX Cleaning and Disassemble Ignore the third and fourth links in the result.. 🙂

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Level 13
hi @SpeezMeister,

for gpu, normally for us living in the tropical regions of this planet our safe limit is not to go above 85c at room temperature (about 26 to 36c). for cpu it should be about 5c above that (about 90c). your temperature is fine.

a better way to minimize this from happening is to clean the fans and vents regularly. you should also replace the thermal paste/pads while you're at it (well this depends on your usage. if you played games heavily, you should do this every 6 months). please check out the videos posted by @KPRage.

@KPRage, i'm not sure a cooler can help, due to the design of recent asus g-series (air intake is from the top). for instance, there is no significant difference with the presence of cooler for my g55. the difference is quite something when the laptop is in an air-conditioned room.