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Asus 1080TI OC crashing (nvlddmkm stopped responding ) when playing PUBG and benmarki

Level 7
My PC specs: cpu i7 7700k, 32GB ram Gskill, asus 1080ti oc , PSU Corsair RM850 , win10 pro
Speccy link:

I was able to play PUBG until about 2 weeks ago, this problem has just suddenly happened. Game crashed randomly everytime playing about 5 or 10 mins, or when starting on plane (if u know this game).

The eventlog showing: "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." every time it crashed.

Then i downloaded "Superposition Benchmark" to test and find out it crashed every time...
I can play other games normally (dota2, csgo), maybe those games didn't push the GPU or PSU as much as the new PUBG did.

I already googled and tried many solutions but problem still remains.
What i tried:
- Reinstall GPU using DDU , install older nvidia version...
- Reinstall Windows, Game, anything about the game setting PUBG...
- Lower the GPU power,clock...5-10-20%..
- On/off the XMP
- Turn off all OC

Here is the same topic i opened in forum geforce:

Please help!

Level 8
The nvlddmkm error has been around for years, as you would've seen from your google searches. Funny thing is, i've never had it as i've been an AMD user until this generation when i switched to Intel & Nvidia.

That error, even though is related to nvidia, is only a broad error message and could be any of a number of factors. For me, it turned out to be unstable RAM overclocks, which i've now sorted and haven't had it since.

I'd suggest:

If you have any monitoring software especially hwinfo64, don't launch it or update to the latest beta only, as the old version was causing BSOD nvlddmkm errors.

Test your ram, for me i bought HCI Memtest but the free version does a good job too. You can try memtest86 also but it isn't as stringent.

Since you've already tested with Supersposition, try it with one stick of ram at a time and see if it runs. If it fails on one then its a bad stick. I used Realbench to test all stabilities running it overnight for 7-8 hours.

Good luck.

Super Moderator
Sound advice above. NVIDIA kernel crashes can often be linked to unstable or faulty memory.
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