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Assassin's Creed 4 On Rog Asus Lapton

Level 7
Hi to everyone guys, i'm new in this forum , i purchased 1 month ago one used Asus Rog G75vw, I73610QM , 16 gb ( 8 base , 8 corsaire ) or Ram MEmory, with a Gtx 670M 3Gb gddr5 , just to explaine my problem, after two weeks i installed a new hard drive config. i put a 128 SSD sided by the 750 gb 7200 that comes with the laptop and i've installed windows 8.1.

No problems everything went fine, my problem it's just one, i installed assassin's creed 4 Black Flag , and it's QUITE slow...
I know that my laptop isn't a top pc like a desktop one or like a G750 but i at least expected more from this little beast.
I have tryed many video driver, 331.65 had many problems, 314.22 was great, 327.07 (that comes with windows 8.1) was good but still slow.
So the situation it's that.
Black Flag run at 1920 x 1080 (the other resolutions are unwatchable!!) can't find a good compromise with option, without AA, without , SSAO or HBAO, volumetric fog, Vertical Sync... normal shadows, high textures, high enviroment quality ( cause with both at normal i had the same fps rate) no reflection.. it run at 23-24 fps... with EVGA overclocking the GTX at 740/1600 from 620/1500 i used to get just to 27-28 fps... the temperature was at 75-78° C the game is also installed on the ssd with the os.

Can SOmeone help me? (now i installed 331.85 it seems to be better but.. still the same framerate...)

(sorry for my bad english.)

Level 7
Hello, Sorry I am a newbie here.
In my experience, Assassin's Creed series is not only need strong GPU but CPU as well.
One of my friend has MSI GX60, which is having the flagship GPU from AMD, but since the processor is as strong as I7, in only produce 10-15 fps playing AC3.

You might want to check your CPU usage upon playing AC4, and it's better to make sure you are on high performance mode

Level 10
23 fps is low? 23 fps is quite playable. It's a GTX 670m, which is like a GT 640 in desktop.
Not a very powerful GPU, or CPU for that matter.
I would say this is expected. Sorry.
I don't meant to offend, but I don't believe there is a problem.
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Level 40
Maybe you could try geforce experience and see what that sets for optimized for your system and use that as a base?