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Anyone playing World of warcraft on Bronzebeard US

Level 10
If anyone would like to team up and stuff I am on Bronzebeard US My guild is Dafrickinbest it is a level 8 we have 29 members pretty laid back. If you want to join just do a /who guild name to see if anyone is on. My toons I play mostly are DaPally, Straitarrow, Slingblaid. hope to see you on wow.
Have a Merry Christmas,

Level 13
Cool, But I'm not on that realm...the realm I'm in is called Mangos....

Level 9
I'd play with ya but my wow years were about 2004-2010. Spent a ton of time and had a ton of fun in that game on Eldre'Thalas

Level 10
That is OK If you ever make a toon on bronzebeard alliance that would be cool. I do a lot of pugs also my wife plays but she is into the
achievements I have one toon that has defeated Deathwing so far.
So we are old folks playing wow gotta love it lol.

Also with the new LFG & LFR with cross realm maybe see you in there working on my Rogue now so we can defeat Deathwing again and do the new rogue questline.

Level 10
Still looking for folks who play on Bronzebeard Alliance to quest & raid with. Guild is Dafrickinbest. ask any officer for invite.
Happy ROG_n,

Sorry dude, Alliance.. I just can't do.

For the Horde!

Proudmoore US FTW!
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Level 10
I played wow since release, up till about 2 months ago, 1 lvl 85, my Undead Rogue, Creepindeath on Deathwing. Did the whole Rank 14 grind back in Vanilla, have better than 600 hours played, over 400k Lifetime HK. I stopped raiding after Wrath, Most of Cata was spent logging on for an hour or so a day doing a few BGs then logging off. I'm currently playing Swtor 😄
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Level 9
erm.. anyone playing Private server? lol dont bash on me! I love retail but aint got time for retail WoW
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Level 10
Also playing the Mists of Pandaria beta.
Been having a blast. Learning a lot about panda monks. also the new talent system and various changes.
My puter is taking it well.
Letting the ROG shine hi
Happy ROG_n

Level 7
I've never tried WoW before actually even though I grew up playing diablo1 to warcraft III lol Just heard some FFO talking trash about gameplay wise they say people act like 12 yr olds... but seriously if I've never tried it I wouldn't know how they act like... that's probably Peer Pressure is the factor of why people don't play other games to monopolize people to stay in one social group called (this game only and talk trash about anything else to peer pressure friends not to move on to a different MMO) rofl 😛
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