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560m 3gb > 980m 4gb

Level 8
Hi! I'm noticing @asus responses here in this forum, and haven't seen much in the notebooks forum. Livechat with Asus and NVidia recommended returning my G751JY for another, however the same problem exists with the exchanged one. I've followed a lot of advice, and have not overclocked. Every game I play, new and old, stutters and chugs periodically and is always plugged in. I believe it's best described as "hitching" and I can't quite figure out why my G74SX-DH72 16GB RAM 560M 3GB at 1920x1080 outperforms a G751JY-DH73 24GB RAM 980M 4GB at 1024x768 playing Skyrim on minimum all. I may become somewhat famous after the 20th exchange. I'd much prefer figuring out why every G751 I try is inferior to a 560M.