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2023 Zephyrus M16 Studders & FPS drops to 40 - 70fps NEED HELP.

Level 7

just got a 2023 asus zyprhus M16. A month ago. can't figure out why Fps drops & stay between 40 n 70FPS. Playing God of war. & Battlefield 2042 then studders sometimes.. It will play at 200 -230fps higher for hour tops one day. Then next min it drops. I've researched for hours n tried alot of different settings, restored default n try again. Even had Had geek squad remote access today.  after that it was good for lil while. geforce had a new update. Installed it. Now I'm back to this ****** again. I'm a noob at pc gaming but not incompetent.. there isnt any vids on here on how to properly set The 2023 zphrus m16 model up correctly. The Vids I've found r ment for ppl who's been gaming since birth n I don't all the techical terms. Plus those vids are about  every pc but kind i got. ( the vids on 2022 zphrus M16 has all these other options n tools n ****** but the 2023 version don't got those options.)   Any help is appreciated.. thank u.