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1060 6 gb frequency drops Help

Level 7
so i have a problem with asus gl704gm which while gaming i got drops frame to like 11 FPS for 5-10 sec every minute before it goes back to 80fps in PUBG COD...
so I find out by monitoring temps and usage of cpu and gpu by armoury crate and also with msi afterburner i found out that my gpu frequency drops from 1800MHz to less than 200MHz and usage goes to 100% any solution please.
note:I reinstalled nvidia driver,
my bios is updated

Level 7
the mV is tied to the mghz, so try to monitor it with HWinfo to see if your PSU voltage is stable, try a different 6pin power, no extensions, reseat possibly

Try to put the Nvidia driver into high performance mode, and the windows power profile into High performance also - Reboot

this should keep the GPU at a higher base freq - Then install GPU tweak 2 - and use the OC scanner after its done, hit save, close gpu tweak then reopen it, and test games

but after seeing that your CPU temps are 89C i think your Cpu might be throttled from heat, check the thermal paste and make sure the cooler solution is working. does the GPU work fine under lighter games, and is it a laptop or desktop?

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