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Xonar U7 - all rear 3,5mm jacks dead - RMA Revoked!! Iam helpless.

Level 7
I have Xonar U7

got it on 27.12.2014 all rear jack connectors ware just dead no otput signal.. Tried multiple computers and speakers and headphones.. Front headphone and mic jacks works fine. Optical out also works. Rear 3,5mm jacks dont work.

Only driver version for windows 8 availible is 22/1/2014.

I got it back from asus with revoked RMA and conclusion "no defect was detected". So Iam suppouse to send back and wait another three weeks for bs statement for someone who dint even bother to test it? I didnt got any resolution nor advice.

PC service I bought it in says they cant doo anything (they also cant get the rear outputs to work on Windows 7 and XP machines).

I have no idea what to do. I own it for a little over a month, it doesnt work its useless to me. So I shoudl throw it away?

If you read all the way here, thank you.

My machine: ASUS G751Jy, windows 8.1 64bit.

I have tried (with no luck)
- All the advices from here:!
- Disabling realtek sound in bios and uninstatlling all realtek releated drivers, than installing Xonar U7 SW.
- All the combinations of sample rate, bit rate and rear output configurations. (they are plenty of combinations.)
- Tinkering with windows sound setting and outputs.
- I have used google search to find a solution....

Result is still the same. Please help.