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Xonar Phoebus solo Gone after Windows Update

Level 7
hi guys, after october update i can't no longer managed the xonar phoebus solo

the reason is, if i'm using teamspeak, if i heard any audio from .mp3, from youtube or spotify i can heard ALWAYS some freeze and scratching (are not the headset, i've test it with other headset and without xonar phoebu solo)

what can i do for fix without buy a new one? (i will never buy a internal sound card, only external DAC/AMP )

Level 8
Hello Windows update broke my Phoebus for many times, sometimes only Dolby Surrund, sometimes switch to another device ect... Try to full unistall and install again. I have to say that after maybe 4 years one Phoebus many some output HW issue so i replaced one... It could happend to another userr too. On the other hand I am happy with Phoebus, still works after WIn10.