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Xonar Phoebus Hissing

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I'm having an issue with the Xonar Phoebus I just installed.

I usually use a pair of Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling headphones. The problem is that whenever I plug them in to the headphone jack on the back of the card, I get a hissing noise (constant static, independent of volume).

Here's the interesting part... If I plug them into the speaker jack instead they sound fine, no hissing. I was playing around with the settings on the card and the only one that makes a difference is the Sample Rate. @ 44.1 it's crazy loud, as I increase the sample rate it gets quieter (but never goes away).

I was wondering if it was an issue with the card but I also have a pair of cheap ear buds. I can plug those into the headphone jack and I don't get any hissing.

So, I only get hissing when I use the Bose headphones in the headphone jack. Using them in the speaker jack is fine and a cheap pair of ear buds in the headphone jack works fine.

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas of what it could be?

Level 7
I am using Bose Quiet Comfort 15 headphones and do not have any hissing when plugging into the Control Breakout box. I have the Headphones settings at "Normal Gain". Have you tried plugging into the breakout box?