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Xonar Phoebus - Dialogs cut before end of speech

Level 7
Hi all,

Since many years I have a problem in a lot of games where NPC dialogs get cut before end of the speech. Basically I don't hear the last few words. It is like the time window for the dialog to be heared is too short, so the end is cut out. Until recently I tried to use Realtek driver and plug my headset directely to the mother board... no more issue!

I've tried everything :
- V-sync ON/OFF: no change
- Capping FPS at 60: no change
- Changing sample rate: still cut, but I can hear during a longer time with 41KHz than 48KHz
- Removing Xonar Phoebus and use built-in Realtek Chipset: no more problem!!!

I am pretty sure I am missing something or have settings conflicting with each other. I cannot believe such higher end dedicated sound card cannot perform better than standard inboard chipset.
I love the sound of this card and do not want to switch back to Realtek audio chipset. I know that this is legacy product, but maybe someone can help me figure out what is going on.