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Xonar Essence 3 ignored by windows 11 after every update

Level 7

Hi, my DAC / AMP from ASUS, brand: Xonar essence 3 , always fails to be detected by windows 11 after an update. And it is getting harder and harder to get it to work again. I have of course searched the internet gets loads of other people having the same issue.

So first question:
what is going on with windows 11 updates and audio devices lately?

My problem started about a year ago, i could pretty easy solve it by starting the computer without the device usb plugged into the computer.

As time goes by and new updates showed up it got harder, i had to remotely connect to my computer first, plug in the USB cable and then it started working.

Now it is impossible, nothing helps. I have done everything... The device shows up with port reset failed (error code 41)

What i have done:
- Uninstalled the usb device in device-manager

- Uninstalled every and reinstalled every usb device including host controllers via device manager

- Uninstalled every HID device

- Changed cables, changed ports

- Disable windows power control of devices and controllers

- Resetted BIOS

- Changed settings for USB in BIOS

- Reinstalled windows
- Tried the device in other computers
- Tried different generic USB drivers
- Tried to point the device to the manufactures correct drivers

So i started to suspect a hardware fail in the device. It didnt feel like it was hardware related but i started giving up...

Then by an accident i connected the DAC / AMP a week ago, and windows recognise it and i had my sound back!

I had no problem installing the correct drivers and there were no trace of any fault or errors. How could this be?

My theory is that there was an update without my device plugged in.

Then yesterday there was a new update and im back where i started. No working sound device, port reset fail and nothing i can do to get it working again.

What's going on!?