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Xear 7.1 vs Dolby Home V4

Level 7
Hey guys, somone noticed that Dolby Home with 24-Bit 192 KhZ sounds better then Xear 7.1?

Is it only me, or does the "simulated" Surround with Dolby Home Theater V4 sound a lot more better then the Xear 7.1 Surround Headphone ?

Or can somone tell me what are the best settings to get a clear 7.1 without much echo.

Level 7
just forget Xear Surround .. adding ton of reverb .. just pointless surround option ... just use DHTv4 for surround ..

Level 7
Somone that agrees?

Level 12
For analog sound, XEAR Surround Headphone is the only option that'll provide simulated positional audio. All other options are stereo only.

The part that confuses the matter is that some games provide their own positional audio simulation. In order to find out which you prefer, you'll have to experiment through trial and error. Only with XEAR Surround Headphone however, you'll be able to select 5.1 or 7.1 speaker settings in your game or the game will use those settings in Windows automatically. Do not select Headphones in your game options when using XEAR Surround.

Regarding the echo, it'll increase with the Room Size option. Your hearing will compensate. I think you'll get used to it quite quickly. In the end it'll depend on which you prioritize. Do you want to know where the enemies are or are you more focused on sound quality.

All of the games that I play just sound bad with it on. I try to ignore the tin can sound but it's really hard to do. I end up placing the headphones on my temple region so I don't hear the echoes because it is so annoying. Also it kills all the bass in the games. I can't track enemies in BF3 for example with it on. I can't even locate my teammate running directly behind me with it on. Everything just sounds like a bunch of echoes.

I used to own some Corsair CA-HS1NA usb and those sounded great in games. People would call me hacker because I could kill them in games due to being able to tell when they entered the building based on sound cues alone. The Phoebus with either of my headphones sounds really bad in games. Primarily using a set of Audio Technica ATH-A700. The onboard sound on my ASUS Sabertooth 990FX version 1.0 was great with them, but I wanted a headphone amp. Based on the quality of the Sabertooth, I purchased the Phoebus.

What settings are you using? I'd like to get some input from someone that got it to work for them. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I'm open to all suggestions. 🙂 Windows 8 64 is my OS if that makes a difference.