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[URGENT SUPPORT REQUIRED] PC reboot when installing driver of ESSENCE STX II

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Hi guy

I change my PC with an Asus X370 Pro + Ryzen 1700x.
PC run great, but i cant use my Asus Essence STX II, i pluged it and into devices manager i can see it, but when i try to install the drivers or try to update the driver the PC reboot automatically without reason.

What is this ?

- I tryed to remove and reinstall the card into the PCI-ex
- I checked if the power cable was correctly plugged
- I tryed to format the Windows and try to install Essence driver first at all but same problem ..... i run the setup of driver and .... instant restart !
-If i go into devices manager and try to install driver manually, same thing.

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Level 7
Soon every ASUS products are EOL then they don' t need do anything.

My poor Strix Raid DLX.

Level 7
Asus? Are we ever going to see this fixed?

Level 7
Really Asus?????

Are you kidding me?

After all this time and me saying that I have tried every single pci-e lane on my Crosshair VI Hero motherboard you come back with "that"???

Are you freeking kidding me?

Can you look at the PCI-e slotI have it installed?


It is the PCIEX4_3.

SPOILER ALERT, it doesn't run off the CPU!

Here a fresh mini dump file:

180€ sound card on a 240€ motherboard (both from Asus) and this is what I get?
My ASUS Customer Feedback Form that states on the last page:

"4. What you've done the troubleshooting and check items:
Reset the bios settings
Update bios for the motherboard (all of the bios available for the motherboard…)
Sitting the sound card in all available pci-e slots available
Disabling the motherboard’s sound card
Re-installing Windows
Re-installing the Asus drivers
Testing the sound card on my brother’s pc (Intel i7 4770k)
Using a different Graphics Card"

The line that says: "Sitting the sound card in all available pci-e slots available" was completely IGNORED!

I have to ask again! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Are you covering AMD's @ss? is that it?

Final verdict: This can't be fixed. The FAQ will be updated to give a more accurate answer. All AM4 platforms are affected.

elmor wrote:
Final verdict: This can't be fixed. The FAQ will be updated to give a more accurate answer. All AM4 platforms are affected.

That is very unfortunate...
What now? That information is coming up too late 😞

I know it's not your fault, but what now?

It really is a bummer... I bought this motherboard 1 year ago not knowing this, well no on could know it...

What a waste of money....

This is just silly 😞

Community Admin
Community Admin
Sorry, this was a lengthy investigation without a preferable solution. Do you have another home for the Essence? Unfortunately, that is the only solution now. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
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