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STX (1st generation) - no sound via digital output

Level 7

I connected my card via its digital output with my Edifier speaker system, using
optical cable and spdif toslink adapter that had come with the speaker set, but didn't
get any sound. I use windows 10 and had chosen the correct output in the sound setting
and there wasn't any error message.
What I then did to determine the culprit:

Connected the same speaker set with the same cable (but without the adapter) to the optical
output of my mainboard's onboard sound. Here I did get sound.

Connected the speaker with same cable but new adapter to the card. No sound.

Tried the same hardware setup in Ubuntu. Again, no sound, no error message.

A few years ago the same setup had worked, though I don't remember if it was under Win 7 or 10.
So should the conclusion be that the digital output of my card has died or am I missing something?