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Strix SOAR / XONAR Windows 11

Level 9
Any ETA on STRIX Soar day 1 drivers for Windows 11? It's dropping Oct 5.

Similarly, has anyone tried Windows 11 dev builds and seen if the current Win10 drivers work? - I know there is this page - any updates?


DS2902 wrote:
Confirm. I have the same problem. I don't know how to fix it.

Based on the event log, C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\nhAsusStrix\UserInterface\nhAsusStrixsvc32.exe is causing a crash in library C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll

Does anyone have any solution?

I think this forum is already dead

evilPL wrote:
Does anyone have any solution?

I think this forum is already dead
Apparently, ASUS will wait until Microsoft somehow solves the problem itself. Asus can not decide in any way - urgently update to 22H2, then do not update.

It's been a year now and there is no solution. Can ASUS start working on the topic faster?

They don't do anything. I write to their support from time to time. But they have no solution and nothing they can offer.

Level 7

My problem since W10 is that the control box works for maybe 15 seconds then "gets stuck" on a volume %. Backs to normal for another 15s if i close and open the program again or disconnect the HDMI cable from it. Annoying AF. The control box is pretty useless, only positive thing about it is has become a extension cord for my headphones. Anyone with this problem? Or has the solution?

W11 Pro 23H2

Sonic Studio 1.1.22

Sound card FW 1.03

Control box FW 1.14