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Strix raid dlx VS formula IX

Level 10
Hi everyone I wanted to know if any one knows the diferences between strix raid dlx sound card and formula ix onboard audio, I wanted to know all the diferences and if formula ix onboard is same or bad or if it's better*

Level 8
what differences has your own research yielded? *maybe then we can add on from there.

Level 10
Not much because on formula ix page they don't tell you much about the specs of the onboard. So far I found out that Strix raid dlx does 24bit 192Khz while formula ix does 32bit 192Khz not sure if that's a big diferences lol. I believe strix raid dlx does 600Ohm boost but they don't list the formula ix boost.

Reasone I want know the diferences is I have strix raid dlx and formula ix but since I moved from my extreme viii I don't have enough space for 2x 1080s and a sound card I can squeeze it in but it would be ontop of the gpus that are already sandwiched together and heat becomes a big problem considering having the sound card right ontop of the gpu makes the sound card extremely hot also the RAM Cooler I have would be in the way.

From the little information I collected it seems that formula ix is a straight upgrade over strix raid dlx. Would been nice if asus tech guy could come here and post all nerd stats.

Level 10
DIfference between onboard audio and 100$ sound card is 100-150% better... Than difference from 100$ worth dedicate sound card and 200-250$ worth is again 100% better and it's easy to notice difference even on excellent headphone and 200$ worth speakers. Simply on onboard sound card you can't recognize some effects at all. If you compare expensive dedicate and cheaper every sound is different and better defined. At the end if you compare onboard and expensive sound card it's same as you talk with someone in floor below you and in front of you. Sound is very important... And if someone tell you don't pay 200$ for sound card that's for expensive system... that's not true... all of these cards are gaming cards for games and few hundreds dollars systems and small number of people will use them on some really expensive systems worth few thousands... They don't use PCI-E sound cards.
Maybe investment in sound card is important because they last even 10 years, improvement in sound are not so often as graphic and you can use 10-12 years same sound card. Depend how much OS and drivers support, she will not be oudated and it's not wasting money, believe me.
Once when you used on good sound card she will follow you in all configurations... You will become opsessive with x1 PCI-E slot for dedicate sound.