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Separate volume settings for headphones and speakers with auto switch?

Level 7
I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I have one more for you. Can this card automatically tell when I plug in the headphones? Will it switch to the last volume used for headphones or will I need to adjust the volume from the speaker level everytime I plug in the headphones. When I remove the headphones, will it adjust the volume back to the speaker level?

I thought this feature was a given these days as my X-FI did it and that card was 6 years old, BUT the Creative Recond 3D does NOT do it (it detects the headphone plugged in, but doesn't adjust the volume) and I always have to adjust the volume before plugging in the headphones or else it will blast my ears off. Lame!

Level 13
I just tested on my end, can't do headphones now cos of my rad sitting against the jack. Auto-detection is a feature.

As for the volume control, for my speakers the previous level is applied if a jack is plugged back in - I assume is the same for headphones.

One thing we do not do is save the gain control offset for different impedance cans. That is self explanatory however, because if you used a different impedance set of cans and the gain setting was at the highest level, it could damage the transducers and your ears.


Level 7
Thanks for the answer Raja (and for providing actual support in the forums, unlike your competitor). Not worried about the gain offset since I won't switch between different headphones. I think you have answered every question I had. Now I just have to wait for my card.