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ROG Xonar Phoebus causes issues with Asus x570 board

Level 7

This is a bit similar to:

If got my Phoebus some years and use it with Yamaha AV receiver. To save cabeling I just Digital Live (the only option available when using Windows 10 and the official drivers Version 4.29 from 2016/09/06).

This used to work a long time with my Asus Sabertooth Z87 (I7 4770 K CPU).
Over the weekend I changed the mainboard to Asus PRIME X570-P X570 (Ryzen 3700X Board). Everything worked fine with the output until I started up Fallout 76.
Sound works flawlessly within the title screen and within the map/menu but in normal playing you might hear a snippet every second or so, it seems the card does not get enough ressources to do the DDL functionality.
I restarted the PC without any success. Currently I have cabled the three analog outputs but as I have to set the AV to a direct mode (bypassing all advantages of the AV), and due to additional cabling I'd like to have the SPDIF Dolby Digital Live back.

The Tower is equipped with 4 fans, and has some space to my Sapphie 590 graphics card. The same setupworked fine on the Intel board, I even did not had to reinstall Windows 10 x64 1903, therefore the system is pretty much the same except board, memory and CPU.

Any suggestions?

Level 7
I've somewhat solved this issue by removing the card from the system. I've tried the Xonar D2X, which runs but rarely causes the system to reboot without any warning. Both cards worked quite fine on Intel boards. I have now shelved both cards and look for competitor solutions. A bit sad for cards that are not exactly cheap to buy.

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