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Problem with sound in games - only front satellites sound

Level 7

I own the ROG Xonar Phoebus and installed the latest driver v7.0.1.35 under my OS (Windows 7 SP1 x64). I have connected my old Creative GigaWorks S750 (with some extra cable - otherwise it could not be connected). Clean installation of all.
So, I did my 7.1 settings in the Phoebus software and and I am able to listen to music with all 7 satellites. Everything is fine.

But when I play games I only got sound from the front satellites, e.g "The Banner Saga". In some games I cannot configure the output - but with my old Creative Labs card there was never a problem with not recognizing at least 5.1 sound or just to put the sound on all boxes - even if this is not real 5.1.

Because I have nothing found regarding that problem it seems I did a bad configuration or I did not activate a setting. Everywhere I read the soundcard is great (beside some driver problems) for games.

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.